Satisfi - Android App Review

Satisfi - Android App Review

Satisfi - Android App Review. Every one of us is a customer. There's no one who doesn't need to buy a product or service from time to time, except those people who wear loincloths and swing through trees and even they need to buy their loincloths or to buy the tools to make one, at the very least. 

Some of us are also product and service providers, sellers of goods, in addition to being customers ourselves. Whichever role we play at the moment, we always aim to make our customer and seller experience better. Satisfi is an app that aims to make that happen, and we don't need anything except our Android smartphones (or the other kind ...)

How does Satisfi work? It works on the simple principle that receiving reviews and comments from customers is the thing that can make the seller provide a better experience and products.

Of course, to make this process true and free of constraints it is totally anonymous. Everyone of us has that lurking fear that if we tell the seller at the coffee shop how to improve his service, he'll just leave us something nasty in our coffee but if it's an anonymous tip, he won't know who gave it and will not be able to retaliate, even if he's that kind of person. He'll have to improve his service.

We launched our reviewers which all downloaded the app and started working. In fact, they all just went on about their lives with the app resting installed on their smartphones, waiting for the right moment to be used.

Actually, the app provides two different kinds of service, for customers and sellers. We concentrated on the customer side of things.

Our reviewers were very happy with the speed and ease of using Satisfi. It is quite evident that if customers will have to navigate and wrestle with complex screens and menus to leave a review, they just won't do it. But Satisfi is simple and quick to operate. Our reviewers liked the way you enter your location, select the business you want to review and presto, review away.

Our reviewers all commented that the app presents a lot of useful menu items to select for every kind of business establishment, from the waitresses behavior at a restaurant to various delivery problems with a delivery service.  

Of course, our more meticulous reviewers were happy to receive a comments section at the second stage of entering a review, where they could leave a free review, not limited to preloaded menu items. Not all reviewers used this option but it is nice to have.

Another very useful feature is the ability to post the review as a social media status update. However, our reviewers found it necessary to hide their identity when giving bad reviews, which means that the reviewers will appear only on Satisfi's social media accounts. However, the reviewers had no problem with good reviewers appearing on their private social media accounts.

We received several tips from our reviewers. First of all, if a business doesn't appear on the app's business list, you can always invite it to join. For the sellers and service providers, we can only urge them to join the service (it costs some money ...) as this can be a great way to receive honest reviews about your service. If not, check the app's social media accounts for reviews about your business.

Last and not least, the app makers promise a monetary award for anyone who gets a business to join the program. A classic win-win situation.

In conclusion, Satisfi is an app that revolves around the win-win situation, where customers can leave reviewers about a service provider and the service provider can receive them and improve his service.

  • Score: 4.7. It would receive a 5 when more businesses join.
  • Description: A review app that anonymously sends reviews to businesses being reviewed
  • Good Points: A great and necessary idea! Very simple and quick to operate. Anonymous reviews. Getting money when businesses join after you invite them to.
  • Bad Points: Still not so many businesses joined everywhere.
  • Experience: The vast majority found using Satisfi to be quick and simple, even adopting the habit to leave a review whenever they use a new business. 
  • Longevity: Most reviewers would keep this app installed because it imrpoves THEIR customer experience using businesses.
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