Sand Slides Falling Sand Game - Android App Review

Sand Slides Falling Sand Game by Logik State - Android App Review

Sand Slides Falling Sand Game by Logik State - Android App Review. There are many kinds of arcade games. Shooting games, where you have to shoot or tap a moving target. There are platform games, a type of arcade games where you have to move a character from place to place but Sand Slides is another kind of arcade game altogether.

Sand Slides is an arcade game, because you have to react and move fast but it is in fact a thinking game where you have to think and plan your way through situations or you'll fail altogether. This marks a strong difference between Sand Slides and common arcade games. In Sand Slides, you have not only to act fast but think faster.

The premise of NiceIQ is pretty simple. The player gets three sets of funnels with colored sand inside. The sand starts to fall down, one funnel after the other, and the player must draw slides in the air to guide the colored sand to the correct chute, or lost points till the player will lose the game.

To make matters worse and create a real challenge, the funnels change place occasionally making red sand fall into a blue chute underneath it and the slides themselves fade over time, so the player has a limited time with it and must take care of it before the slide will disappears and dump the sand into the wrong chute.

We gave the game to our reviewers to check out and leaned back to wait for their reports. Usually good arcade games get a lot of support so we weren't worried. Indeed, we had really no reason to.

The first thing a lot of our reviewers reported that it was very pleasant playing a game with no violence. We are usually so busy shooting at things on the screen, launching missiles and bombs and in general creating havoc that it was great finally playing a game where we didn't have to shoot anyone.

Another thing our reviewers liked was the game's atmosphere. Sand Slides has a moving ocean background, with live waves, and its background music is slow and soothing. All of this created a game that our reviewers loved to play over and over again.

As to to game itself, our reviewers found it both fun and challenging. The start is pretty easy but pretty soon the game becomes much harder as the sand funnels change place and the slides start to waver out of existence.

Our reviewers did hand out some tips to those trying this game for the first time. Remember you can make bottles to hold up sand while sand of another color is being passed right beneath. Remember you can make another bottle beneath the first one, even before it vanishes. Finally, you can make a set of bottles to keep the sand up till you manage things.

To sum things up, Sand Slides was well received by our reviewers, who liked its challenging game play, coupled with its relaxed and soothing atmosphere.

  • Score: 4.7.
  • Description: An arcade type of game where you have to shift falling sand into the right chute.  
  • Good Points: Very simple to operate. Challenging. Very soothing atmosphere. No violence.
  • Bad Points: We would have liked other levels with more sand chutes and possibly different placement on the screen (some chutes high, others low etc).
  • Experience: Starting to play the game was easy enogh. Mastering it was another matter entirely.   
  • Longevity: Most reviewers liked the game enough to keep it on their smartphones. Only those that craved violence disliked the game.
  • Sand Slides - Falling Sand Game on Google Play


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