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Roamy - Travel Roaming App by Simple Solutions / Roamy - Android Featured App 

Android Smartphones are great mobile offices, mobile entertainment centers and of course, great media centers. But the thing we like the most about the smartphones are the apps, and especially the apps that allow us to save money. What good does technology bring if it cannot save us our hard earned money?

Good money saving apps select a niche and find a way to save us money in that niche. The niche we would like to present here is our traveling roaming charges. Everyone knows what these are. When traveling, our smartphone connects automatically to other carriers and then we are forced to pay for data roaming charges a lot more than we pay with our native carrier. 

We can select not to talk, or just send SMS but various apps constantly send and receive data from the Internet, like our email programs who constantly ping and are pinged by the email servers to notify and present new emails, for example. So, just not using email would not be a good solution.

Just in time comes in Roamy - Travel Roaming app which has a clear goal in mind, controlling our data charges when traveling. 

Like we said, just not using an email program would not be enough since it constantly sends and receives data. This is why Roamy clearly displays how much data each app sends and receives and then we have the option of selecting to disable that app's ability to send and receive data through the Roamy interface. For instance, email should be left intact while Google Play should be disable during out trip.

But even apps we need should not be left to run wild, because even an email program may try to download a huge 25 MB file without us noticing, and then we would have to pay a small fortune for the roaming data costs for the latest flower display presentation from our mother, for example. This is why Roamy allows us to set limits on the data usage of every app, limiting it to a certain value of MB to use and no more, a feature which no Android OS has, even the latest ones.

Finally, Roamy can also be setup to display exactly how much money we owe the roaming carrier by inputing the costs and the app calculates the effective charges based on your current roaming data usage.

So, Roamy is a complete solution for our roaming data problem, end to end.

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