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Poker Mob by SocialPlay - Android Featured App 

Card games are exciting. This is not news to anyone. The excitement stems not only from the fact that the player can lose or gain a LOT of money, depending on where he or she is playing and with whom, but also from the game itself, the thinking, strategy and winning over the people the player is playing (or losing, of course).  

However, several things make card games difficult. First of all, the prospect of losing our hard earned money is not appealing to most of us. Secondly, most of us cannot really achieve a completely rigid poker face, and losing money because a twitch or other involuntary expression sucks. Thirdly, not all of us are expert and professional card players and we need to find people at our own level to have fun.

Here comes Poker Mob, an online Texas Holdem Poker game that makes a real effort to address the problems we just mentioned. First of all, Poker Mob gives out huge daily handouts of gaming tokens or coins. This makes it easy for newbies to play because they'll lose this virtual money and not their own cash. Of course, even veterans find this advantageous as they want sometimes to test the waters or find worthy players before committing their own money.

Secondly, the fact the the game takes place through an app solves the facial expressions problem as every face you'll make during play won't be seen by the people you play with and they won't be able to guess your hand. However, the app does offer playing rooms and chatting options to meet and hook up with people, retaining the social side of gaming quite nicely. 

The gaming rooms are important because they allow a player to select people to play with on his or her own level by seeing the room's name and the minimum bet of joining the game but the rooms also have a maximum cap, allowing a player to select a room according to how much her or she wants to lose, which is an incalculable important feature in card gaming.

To sum things up, Poker Mob is a game suitable for all levels of card gamers, with a large online community, free daily coin handouts and very sleek and professional graphics, as befits a card gaming app that does not lack for money. For those looking for online gaming, even on their cellular connection without WiFi, Poker Mob is well worth the try.

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