Poker Mob - Android App Review

Poker Mob by SocialPlay - Android App Review

Poker Mob by SocialPlay - Android App Review. Card games have always held great attraction for people, for numerous reasons, even in the pre-computer ages. First of all, they are great fun. They require thinking, often strategic thinking, along with planning ahead and careful resource allocation designs. Of course, earning money in card games is great fun. Losing it is less fun ...

This is why we decided on reviewing Power Mob, one of the principal poker games for Android smartphones. The popularity of power has been increased with the advent of computers, the Internet and smartphones because online power game eliminate one of the problems of physical poker games, keeping one's face straight, while keeping all the other elements, tension and money making intact.

Poker Mob is a high stakes online Texas Holdem Poker. The player receives (or buys tokes) and then he or she is free to play with players from around the world. The player can select playing rooms where the type of player (mainly how good and professional the players in the room are) and how many tokens the player would like to invest, both the minimum amount and the maximum he or she wants to lose.

Like we always do, we made our reviewers download the app, experience it and learn to play the game and then send us our reports. Needless to say, some of our reviewers were more experienced poker players while others were complete newbees . This made for some very interesting reports, seeing how these two kinds of reviewers were treated by the app.

We'll start with the reviewers who were relatively inexperienced poker and Texas Holdem Poker players. These reviewers liked several important factors about Poker Mob. First of all, you get quite a lot of free tokens to play with, which means you can lose to your heart content until you learn to play well. In addition, the app's virtual poker rooms are named according to the level of the players so it is possible to find players of matching experience.

Last but not least, and this is something our experienced reviewers liked, the app has quite a big Facebook community page where inexperienced players could get help and experienced players could go to find players for a game and exchange strategies and war stories. The app's Facebook community is also important because the developer of the app posts there updates with daily deals and giveaways which are also important to regular players.

All our reviewers liked the way the game worked smoothly even on cellular data and not only on WiFi. The app took care of finding people for a game and we already mentioned the rooms named according to levels. Reviewers liked the way the app allowed them to chat with other players in addition to the Facebook community page.

A very few of our reviewers did not like the way the app forced you to login to the game with your Facebook login but everyone liked the way the rooms did not hold a minimum cap for a game (making sure beginners stayed away from 'grownup' games but also the way the rooms held a max cap, putting a limit to possible loses. This is something some reviewers were VERY grateful for.

In conclusion, Poker Mob was well liked by most of our reviewers, with it game rooms, private normal and tournaments, with the app's huge free and day token giveaway, with the online Facebook community and the sleek and professional interface (what can we say, there IS money in online gambling).

Playing cards was always fun but Poker Mob brought online playing to the next level of enjoyment, with free token for those who do not want to lose, with real cash for those who crave the excitement and a large online supporting community.

  • Score: 4.7. Not really missing anything. A great poker app.
  • Description: An online poker app with free token handouts, named poker room, chatting capabilities and a large online community.  
  • Good Points: Free daily token giveaways. Minimum and maximum caps on gaming rooms. Chatting and online community. Very professional interface. Large following.
  • Bad Points: VERY rare disconnections. Some reviewers would have liked a login that was disconnected from Facebook.
  • Experience: New and experienced players enjoyed the game. Mastering the app is easy and all that remains is mastering the game itself.    
  • Longevity: The online community and the amount of players makes this game keep its edge almost forever. Even those who don't want to spend real money can enjoy the game endlessly. 
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