PickCrafter by fiveamp - Android App Review

PickCrafter by fiveamp - Android App Review

PickCrafter by fiveamp - Android App Review. We love exploring games. There's nothing to it. Nothing beats mopping up a level, finding all the secret things and treasure hidden there, checking achievements ladder to really make sure we found everything that was to be found there and then experiencing the rush as we finally reached a new and unknown level to explore. 
PicCrafter is an exploring game with a simple interface but quite complex game play and large levels. The player gets to use different kinds of picks to mine his way through a level (or biome as they are called in game), searching for treasure and souped up gear and powerups to help the player long his or her way. After the player mine enough blocks of the correct type, he or she can then move to the next biome to start excavating there.

The various powerup and gear can be bought in exchange for resources or they can be found in treasure chests. The player can find fire and other tool to help him or her excavate faster. Different biomes need different types of resources to unlock, such as iron and obsidian. There are also special sets of tools and armor like the emerald set to be achieved after pretty much work and excavation.

We launched our reviewers at the app and waited for their input. Quite surprisingly, most reviewers had a good time playing this game even though some of our people are not usually overly enthusiastic about games but PickCrafter's excavation and game play was both addictive and fun (yeah, you CAN have one without the other).

Like we usually do, we'll start with the interface. The game is fairly easy to understand and play, needing only a touch or a swipe to break a brick to find the treasure or resources hidden inside it. Finding the way around the game was also easy for most of our reviewers, as was using and understanding the various upgrades, shopping for items and even the in-app purchases for the reviewers who wanted to move faster.

Our reviewers also mostly liked the graphics and visual aspect of the game. It is not space-age graphics and HD detailed scenery but the game is not about space age. It is a game of mining and delving deep into things and the graphics have obviously been carefully tailored to the game's theme. Space age graphics are often quite tiring after a while but our reviewers reported that even after hours of play, they did not experience any tiredness. 

Like we said earlier, the vast majority of our reviewers found the game soothing and fun, even after hours of play. The game becomes quite challenging as finding the right resources, such as 750 blocks of obsidian to unlock the Nether can be quite hard. Nevertheless, our reviewers mostly stuck with it, using any spare moment to mine for the missing resources.

The various power ups were also generally liked by our reviewers, both for their effects, like the fire and the ease of mining it grants and the various tool and armor sets. According to our reviewers, the placement of the various power ups was just right, not too common to take away from the challenge and not to far away to make searching for power ups frustrating.

In conclusion, our reviewers liked this game. It is not a fighting or war game with exciting, rings and bells but kinda like a simulator of life, of hard work, of achievements and striving to make one's place better in life. It is addictive and perfect to play when a few more free minutes are available between meetings, appointments and work ... Perfect for casual play. 

Of course, if the player has the time, immersing oneself in the world of PickCrafter is all that more enjoyable for the lack of monsters and battles, which is a fresh approach in our violence laden society these days.

  • Score: 4.5. An addictive game perfect for casual play or serious gaming for those who have the time.
  • Description: A mining game where the player has to mine for blocks and specific resources to more between levels, or biomes.  
  • Good Points: Good solid game. Lack of violence. Great resource system. Interesting and varied powerups. Advancements system of biomes. Optimized graphics. Not too difficult.
  • Bad Points: None really. We would have liked to have a more elaborate exchange system. Perhaps a multiplayer system would have been welcomed.
  • Experience: The game's interface is simple and easy enough to understand, making delving into the game quick and effortless.   
  • Longevity: The addictive and fun nature of the game insured people continued playing for a long time. Mining is fun!
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