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Oy - A New Way To Connect by Oyme - Android Featured App 

Android Smartphones are now such an important part of our lives today. They can be our mobile office, mobile entertainment center and of course, mobile communications center. We have quite a lot of ways to communicate, from phone and based ways such as calls and SMSs to Internet based ways such as chats and messengers.

However, there are already quite a lot of messengers today for our smartphones, from Whatsapp to Viber to Tango and the list goes on and on. This is why a new messenger, such as Oy, must bring something new or it couldn't survive in the saturated mobile messenger environment today.

So, what exactly is Oy? Oy is a brand new messenger that does away with the phone number and creates a more natural and flowing way to communicate, actually closer to the way we communicate in person, physically. When we want to talk to someone, we just go up to him and start a conversation, don't we? Oy works just the same way.

Oy shows us all the available people nearby and we can start up a conversation with them, without having to know their phone number of email address in advance. Just like in real life. With Oy, we can communicate with anybody but again, just like in real life, whether the conversation will continue depends solely on what we say and do.

What good is it? Why does communicating this easily is good for us? First of all, we can start covnersations with people we don't know, such as moving in to a new neighborhood and easily and simply saying hi to all our new neighborhood. When shopping or in a mall, we can just send messages to people whether they have seen our kid who wandered off or if anyone knows where's that scarf sale going on.

Oy has all the functionality of any messenger, including the ability to make chat rooms, quickly start a conversation with a lot of people, turn our messages or rooms private or send media files to anyone, making it fairly easy to send a beautiful flower or a cute kitten to the girl next door we always were afraid to talk to.

In conclusion, Oy is a new messenger whose very useful twist on things is starting talks with anyone, based on geographic proximity. Quite useful and even more important, this app has quite a refreshing look on things. 

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