OopsyTube - Funny Video App - Android Featured App

OopsyTube - Funny Video App by Alan Magliocca - Android Featured App 

We must face it. After all is said and done, what we most love on our Android smartphones is the fact they connect us to the Internet. And the thing we like the most on the Internet is funny movies and it's not an accident these are the most popular posts on social networks, the ones about funny videos. From news bloopers, to sport bloopers, to funny cats and babies, we really can't have enough of them. After all, what use is the Internet if we can't have a good laugh now and then? 

But the problem we come to is this. Although there are tools for taking videos and sharing them, there really isn't a good tool that allows us to take a video, edit it a little bit and share it on social networks, simply and quickly. 
So, here comes OopsyTube - Funny Video App that promises to do just that. 

What exactly OopsyTube - Funny Video App do? This app allows the user to take videos, edit them by changing their colors, adding text and emoticons and post them on social networks, such as FAcebook and Twitter, simply and easily, directly from the app. In addition, the app manages a list of contacts of user of OopsyTube and in effect, sets up a community of people that all have in common the desire to upload, share and view funny videos.

The great thing about What exactly OopsyTube is the quick and simple way everything it does can be performed. Taking videos is quick and easy, adding text and emoticons is again a very simple and quick task and after logging on to your social networks through the app, OopsyTube can share the videos across your selected audience.

Like we said, the good thing about this app is the simple way it works and the way we can take a video, add text and emoticons and then share it. Let's face it, in our day and age our time has become the most precious commodity we have and we must value above all else apps that seek to conserve our time and not waste it. The way OopsyTube is setup serves just this purpose, taking and uploading our funny video fast and simply, so it takes us very little time to do it.

So, what do we have here? An app that not only makes taking funny videos and sharing them quick and simple, it also sets up a community of people who are all interested in one things, to have fun in life and enjoy funny movies. 

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