Oii by Insaneye - Android Featured App

Oii by Insaneye - Android Featured App 

We like apps that do two things. Make our lives easier and are original, bring something new and exciting to that new world that is the Google Play with its millions of apps, games and various utilities. Whatever app we review and test, we never forget that our Android smartphones are there to make our lives better and easier, and not just to entertain us.

Before we delve into Oii, a very original instant messaging app, let's take a moment to go over the instant messaging apps out there today. Starting with Whatsapp, Snapchat, even the Facebook Messenger, the chatting apps are there to let us chat, exchange messages with our friends, families and work colleagues. 

Some instant messaging apps like WhatsApp sport the record feature, which means instead of tapping the smartphone to type a message, we press the record button, say out loud whatever we meant to say and then the app sends our recorded voice to our recipient. This has the advantage of letting us just say aloud whatever we wanted to say but of course it's unusable when in crowd, a meeting and countless other places and occasions. 

We want to introduce Oii, a brand new instant messaging app that brings a very useful and original twist into the instant messaging world.

So, what exactly is Oii? Oii is a simple instant messaging app that lets the user create pre-recorded messages and then send them to contacts and groups using Oii the user manages on his smartphone, be it Apple or Android. For instance, a user can record the "I Love You" message and send it whenever the need arises to his or her loved one or a user can record in advance the message "The meeting starts in five minutes!" and send it to his coworkers.

Oii is designed to be quick and simple to operate. Adding users and managing groups, recording and editing existing messages and sending messages (i.e. Oiis) to contacts is easy and fast. The interface is very professional and the menus and screens have been optimized to do what the app promises to do, help the user send a pre-recorded message quickly and simply.

All right, but what use is it? Why limit ourselves to a set of pre-recorded messages? Well, if you consider carefully the messages you type, you will notice that a great many messages repeat themselves. I'm in a meeting. Coming home in an hour. Already on my way. Ready. Is anybody going out to launch? My battery is almost drained. Love you. Do you homework. I'm waiting outside. What's for dinner? Wanna to out to a movie? Already seen that. 

You get the idea. Oii let's us quickly send the most common messages we use which is very useful to keep in touch with someone and remind him or her that we care, respond quickly when in a meeting or when driving (though we do not recommend using smartphones when driving! The risk is not worth it!) and in general automate a large percentage of our messaging, saving our time and energy which is the way smartphones should be used.

In conclusion, Oii is quite a ground breaking instant messaging app that let's us message and respond quickly while using the messages we use the most, making communication that much easier and simpler.

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