NiceIQ - Brain Training Expert - Android App Review

NiceIQ - Brain Training Expert by Depthlink - Android App Review

NiceIQ - Brain Training Expert by Depthlink - Android App Review. We've always said that puzzles help develop one's brain, from cognitive ability to problem solving skills to speed thinking, but it was always a secondary function of the puzzle app. 

So, those puzzles were actually there for our Android smartphones to let us enjoy ourselves, and a secondary function or purpose was to better ourselves.

NiceIQ is a puzzle app whose purpose is not to entertain us but to sharpen our mind and our thinking, our speed and to improve our problem solving skill. This is the main thing NiceIQ claims to do. In order to do that, this app has a large number of puzzles of different types, all designed to make us practice a different aspect of our brain.

The premise of NiceIQ is pretty simple, but it's not actually something we really think about. We understand the concept of the gym. We go there, work on our abs, perform drills and cardio, and in time our abs will grow stronger and more pronounced, along with the rest of our body. Work a muscle and it will go stronger.

NiceIQ works along the same principles, but applies them to our mind. This app presents a changing sequence of puzzles to our brain, which are actually drills to make our mind stronger, faster and a better thinker. The idea is that doing the mental exercises presented by NiceIQ would have the same effect of doing drill would have for our muscles.

We at Android Review Center do not have to necessary tools to ascertain if NiceIQ does what it supposes to do, since it's a lot harder than to review an app that promises free long distance messages or a new type of social network or game. However, we do have quite a number of reviewers and we can tell you of their impressions from this app and we will actually explain how to find out what effect this app has.

Our reviewers all were quite impressed from the quality of the puzzles. They start off simple and get more complicated and more difficult as you progress through the app. The variety of puzzles is also quite impressive, with different puzzles concentrating on different functions of the brain, like different gym drills intended for different muscles.

NiceIQ also has the feature of selecting which type of training you desire most, or need most for work, and concentrate on that. Some of our reviewers tried that while others went with the general program. All reported that the puzzles become more difficult as user progressess through the levels of this app.

Now, our reviewers had several tips of getting the most out of NiceIQ. First of all, this is all about practice, so make yourself a habit of spending 5 to 10 minutes daily with the app. Secondly, try to make sure that when you do the puzzles, you are not distracted by TV, spouse, kids or anything else. Last but not least, work with the app the same time every day, whether it is at morning or evening to get the best results.

NiceIQ has a great graph showing the user how he or she improved in solving the puzzles, based upon date and time. This means that the user can actually judge the progress he or she made with the puzzles and see the results for himself or herself. Let us tell you, most of our reviewers were quite surprise with the progress they made as some of the puzzles are quite hard.

To sum things up, NiceIQ is a puzzle solving app that trains your brain in a unique puzzle training regime which can be checked and monitored.

  • Score: 4.6.
  • Description: A puzzle solving app that implements a regime of brain training exercises.  
  • Good Points: A large variety of puzzles. Progress bar. Simple to operate app. Clear, attractive graphics with a minimalistic style.
  • Bad Points: We would have liked a calendar like function to pre plan or training sessions and get reminders when their time comes.
  • Experience: Operating the app and starting the training regime was clear and simple, leaving the challenge where it's supposed to be, in solving the puzzles.   
  • Longevity: Some reviewers took the training regime seriously, working out regularly with the puzzles. Others found it as a pleasant and challenging pastime that is not a click-fest. 
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