Multi Simple Checklist free by TSapps - Featured Android App

Multi Simple Checklist free by TSapps - Featured Android App 

Organization in our modern day hasn't become easier. In fact, it has really become harder because there are SO MANY THINGS TO ORGANIZE! Starting from your gym drills, which you have to know what you did two days ago and now do the rest of them, your shopping list which is divided into vegetables, pastries, meats and so on and so forth. These are some of the lists types and not the really important ones, like chores at home (paying the bills, changing the lightbulb in the bathroom, making sure you unplugged your computer before going on a trip) and the list of lists just goes on and on.

Android smartphones (yeah, the other ones too, we think ...) are supposed to make life easier for us. We are supposed to be able to concentrate on the big things (playing, loving, earning money) while the machines concentrate on the small things, like exactly how many oranges to buy at the store. 

Funnily, there are really very few list apps around, and even fewer good list apps. Well, let's take a look at Multi Simple Checklist free by TSapps.

Multi Simple Checklist allows the user to create, edit and delete simple lists. The lists are sorted according to categories and the user can add items, edit them, delete them, rearrange them and even tick them off (when an item inside a todo list has been fulfilled or an item inside a grocery list has been bought). The interface of Multi Simple Checklist is simple and effective, with an easy learning curve and the app has some nifty features such as changing the font and text size to enable even the elderly, the ones who usually need such an app more then others, to use it easily, even if they need larger text.

Of course, one of the most useful features is the ability to create, edit a list and then share it with others that also have the app installed. A user doing shopping can instantly receive an update or new shopping list even while there in the shop. Another use is updating and sending chore list to the siblings (that are not normally famous for their enthusiasm for chores, but when coming simply and easily through their smartphones, their attitude towards this matter may drastically change).

Multi Simple Checklist is a much needed app that addresses a serious shortcoming of our android smartphone today, i.e. creating, editing, managing and sharing lists. The uses of this app are varied and its simple interface and useful features enable us to use the smartphone to manage our lives better. Of course, the ability to share the lists with others allows us to manage THEIR lives better ... 

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