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Magic Mirror by Kinner Tech Limited - Android Featured App 

We on Android App Review are serious people. Really. Making reviews. Judging apps. Looking for those apps that bring added value. Trying to sift through all the millions of apps and games on Google Play to find and present to our readers those apps that are really worth it.

We believe Android Smartphones are there to serve as mobile entertainment centers, mobile offices and of course, mobile communications centers. But we tend to forget that sometimes we just wanna have fun. We are only human, after all, and fun is important. That is something that we (and most other people) tend to forget.

And a more fun app we were hard pressed to find, so we would like to present Magic Mirror by Alex Kinner from Kinner Tech Limited.

You all know the story, don't you? There have been several Disney movies of the same subject. The wicked queen goes to her magic mirror on the wall, preens before it and asks, 'Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?' and the mirror replies 'You are!', unless of course it replies someone else is fairer ...

And now we have it on our Android Smartphones. The Magic Mirror app does exactly what the magic mirror in the story does. i.e. You take a picture of yourself and then ask the mirror how fair you are. Then, the app presents a very clear scale from minger to super model to make you understand exactly where you stand.

First of all, this app is really fun. Going to party? The conversation around the family dinner table is kinda lame? You have some friend (or spouce, use at your own discretion) that you need to badger? Just take a picture of them with Magic Mirror and inform them exactly how fair they are. It's an app, it cannot lie ...

But the fun only beings here. Are you prettier with sunglasses or without? Should you wear contact lenses or glasses on dates? Does that hat or scarf really upgrades your looks? Now with Magic Mirror you have a really objective opinion on yourself, always hilarious ...

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