Mad Libs Epic by EPicenter - Featured Android App

Mad Libs Epic by EPicenter - Featured Android App 

Words games apps for android smartphones are a dime a dozen. There are literally thousands of them on Google Play, and for good reason. They are fun, distracting, helping us to make a much needed break from work, play or just changing diapers. Whatever it is we do, they help us make our brain work, relax and solve word puzzles, helping our linguistic skills come along.

But the problem is that the sheer number of word games makes us at Android Review Center sigh with exasperation. What, another word game? Well, this article is indeed about another word game, but it really has quite a lot of new and different thing to make it a really exciting game.

Mad Libs Epic by EPicenter is a casual word game, meaning that you can play and have fun even if you have just two minutes to kill before the next meeting. Instead of just inputing long sentences and then mad libbing them, Mad Libs Epic works by switching the words inside a number of novels, movie reviews and even songs, making the word puzzles that much more exciting because the context in which the libbing takes place is much more interesting.

Another great feature of Mad Libs Epic is that the text of the puzzles is constantly being updated as EPicenter is committed to keep the game attractive by changing and adding novels reviews and songs, all to be included in the word puzzles. 

We must also make our readers aware that the game has a paid version, for all those who are willing to part with a few measly dollars to do away with the ads and reward the developers for their time and effort, not for humanitarian causes but to allow them to see a return on their investment in making this game and making sure they make updates and more games.

In conclusion, Mad Libs Epic is a very interesting word game that makes things interesting by mad libbing movie reviews, parts of novels and famous songs, all to create interesting and attractive challenges for the players. Mad Libs Epic can be played when the player has a few dull moments and the side benefits, in addition to sheer fun, include training our linguistic skills, always an important goal.

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