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Laserbreak Laser Puzzle by errorsevendev - Android Featured App 

Puzzles are one of the most popular types of games available for Android Smartphones. They are usually short, they make us think in order to solve them and you have fun trying to outsmart the ones who made the puzzles AND your friends who also try to solve the same puzzles. The pleasure of carrying an unsolved puzzle with you for hours or days when suddenly the solution pops up in your head is great.   

However, puzzles are a dime a dozen on Google Play and puzzles now have to have something in addition. Something new. Something exciting. Something original that will surprise the player and make him or her experience something new. An new type of riddles that hasn't been done before. In other words, making good puzzles has become much harder lately.  

That's why we were so glad we stumbled upon Laserbreak Laser Puzzle, as it is really something new, a new type of puzzle the likes of which we haven't seen before. This app is really deceptively simple to operate, but quite challenging as a puzzle. The idea behind Laserbreak is quite simple. Aim a powerful red cutting laser to blast, hole, drill into stuff to get a physical reaction of things to solve the puzzle.

So, with this all powerful laser we have to decide what to burn or hole to get things to move. We might destroy a barrier in order to release a ball that rolls along a complicated course to reach its destination. We might use mirrors and reflective objects to make the laser beam bend around obstacles. We can make things explode, burn, crumble, turn to ash and much more. And that's all the fun.

The sheer amount of things and objects to interact with makes this game interesting. We have TNT, balls, wormholes, elevators, barriers, mirrors, tunnels and many more devices to use, burn, explode and drill to get things underway. Of course, everything behaves according to a strict and accurate physical model, which makes the puzzles more realistic and more challenging.

To sum things up, Laserbreak is a new kind of puzzle for Android smartphones. Its originality, physical model, the richness of choices and the amount of objects we can interact with in any level makes Laserbreak a very worthwhile puzzle game. Last but not least, the developer has included 60 puzzles in the basic game and more are coming in future updates to make this game keep challenging us.

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