KeyZag Keyboard Microth Inc - Featured Android App

KeyZag Keyboard by Microth Inc - Featured Android App 

Today, more than six years after the full scale introduction of the smartphone and the Android operating system from Google, there is almost nothing that cannot be done on a smartphone. Reading and writing emails, chatting, playing, navigating and the list goes on and on. In fact, we are really one step away from a real mobile office and entertainment system. 

However, this step is currently a major hurdle. Being able to comfortably write on the smartphone. 

We all knows the problems inherent in writing on our Android smartphone. Typos. Embarrassing autocorrect mistakes. Typing a long piece of text today is usually a difficult job, even on larger smartphones with larger screens such as Samsung's Note 3 or even Sony Xperia Z Ultra. All these try to solve the typing problem, but little headway has been made so far.

This is where the KeyZag Keyboard app comes to the rescue. KeyZag has some truly innovative ideas that go a long way into making typing a lot easier on our smartphones. The keyboard itself is floating, and changes its size perfectly to fit any orientation. the keys and symbols are contained within circles, which are the largest and most easy to reach shape contained within a defined area. Symbols are reachable by swipe gestures and the app remembers your most often mistakes and corrects them automatically, the right way.

Another vital feature of Keyzag is its extensive language support.
Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, Hebrew and Hindi alphabets are all supported.

In conclusion, until holographic floating keyboards and direct mind to smartphone interfaces are invented, KeyZag keyboard app goes a really long way to make typing on the smartphone a real easy and natural task.

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