Inkifi - Print Instagram - Android Featured App

Inkifi - Print Instagram - Android Featured App 

First of all, let's get something straight. Even nowadays, in the twenty first century, we still need and use printed pictures. It is unavoidable. We use printed pics in hard copy photo albums. We use them on our walls. We send printed greeting cards to friends and families.

But it's not simple, printing our photos, even though we have all the technology of the 21st century at our disposal. We need to physicaly go to the shop. We have to select the photos we want. We have to transfer them somehow to the store by using usb cables or emails. It's quite irritating.

And then we can use Inkifi, an app for android smartphones that aims to make all that printing business much simpler, nicer and faster.

Inkifi implements the whole printing business in such a simple and helpful it's a wonder no one thought about it earlier. Inkifi allows the user to freely pick any images the user wants from the smartphone or an Instagram account.

Then the user can apply filters or create a collage and then the user sends the images through the Inkifi user interface face and they will come back printed in the mail, exactly the way the user selected. The app provides several filters and editing options for photo prints.

With Inkifi, the user can print greeting cards, photo albums, canvas photos, rectangular 4*4 photos and even Polaroid like photos. The printed photos will arrive by mail, free of extra charge, unless premium shipping methods are selected.

A quick rundown of features will include printing 4 x 4 inch - Square Prints, Vintage Prints, Framed Prints, Canvas Prints, Acrylic Prisms, Greetings Cards, Mini-Photo Books and more. A quick and easy interface to Instagram and the smartphone's own pictures and finally a simple pricing and premium features menu.

To sum things up, Inkifi provides a valuable service of creating several different types of printed photos, simply and.easily and of course, cheaply.

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