Infused by appoet - Featured Android App

Infused by appoet - Featured Android App 

Android smartphones are there to make our lives better and the way to judge their effectiveness and the extent of their influence on our lives is to see how much they extend their presence outside the virtual world. In other words, how much they affect the real world, the physical world. Of course, what we are all seeking, whether we know it or not, is a way to change the real world by using our smartphones.

Actually, we have come across an app that not only is amazingly original, which is an important trait in itself in these app suffused days, but it promises to do exactly what we talked about earlier, connecting the real world with our virtual world.

What Infused by appoet does is deceptively simple. It allows us to place media, be it pictures, songs or videos and attach them to physical locales. Then, as people go by those locales, they get a message telling them there is a media file attached to that locale.

Sounds fairly simple, doesn't it? But Infused really not only open up a wealth of possibilities and uses, it also opens up a new way of expression. More on that a bit later ...

Well, the uses for Infused seem simple and obvious, but the app actually has a wealth of hidden uses. Communication is more than just transference of information, it is also transference of emotions and feelings. With Infused, one cal leave and plant around town the song that played in the restaurant one first dated his or her spouse. One can also plant a loved movie near the cinema where a particular romantic date has taken place. 

Of course, the artistic possibilities are just astounding. Imagine an artist planting his works or selected media pieces around a park or a well toured town, able to bestow upon his audience the emotions and messages he or she had desired.

We must not forget that aside the artistic and emotional possibilities, there are a wealth of mundane uses for Infused. A town council planting explanations and media around their beloved town. A spouse planting shopping instructions and todo lists near specified stores. Friends and teachers leaving clues and hints on a toured place during a trip, transforming it to an altogether new experience. The commercial and promotional potential of Infused is also great, just imagine a store planting a short promotion video of its new sales week in front of its window pane on the sidewalk.

Infused does what precious few apps do, letting us look at the world in an exciting new way. The possibilities and uses for Infused are really mind boggling and we firmly believe this app really promises to change the way we look and use our smartphones toady.

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