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iFeel Free by Riccardo Chiarini - Android Featured App 

Modern life has a lot of great things. Android smartphones. XBMC. 3D movies. Cuisine ethnic restaurants. Instant communication. Safe and fast ravel all over the world (well, over most of the world). In fact, more than any other time in history, the world is our oyster. But this comes with a price. Stress, the need for fast responses for work and being available twenty four hours a day for our boss. 

When we look back a year, or even five years, our experiences, trips and good times along with the bad flash back so fast we cannot even remember them. This is an outcome of our instant gratification society and even our so fast changing work conditions. In other words, life flashes so fast in front of us, especially now in our modern life, we can't even remember what we did last week, let alone on our honeymoon in Paris.

To help us get a grip on modern life and get in touch a little with our own self, Riccardo Chiarini made iFeel Free, an app that helps us cope with our lightning fast way of life.

What does iFeel Free do? It is a kind of diary, with lovely interface and quick and simple operation. The user just has to open the app and input his location and his doing on any point in time. Of course, the interesting thing and the thing that makes it more than just a diary is the fact the the user is also encouraged to input his mood and feelings into the app, along with a suitable emoticon.

iFeel is more than just a diary. First of all, on the technical side, it backups all our info to protect us from the loss of our smartphone, for example. Then, the app can help us analyze periods of time, starting from locations where we recorded entries for the app and even contains graphs of emotions, showing us when and how did we feel relative to time.

What do we gain from that? What is the benefit of iFeel? Well, the benefits are enormous. Just think of using iFeel to look back on the entries you made on a trip, in two minutes you can relive your trip, the locations, the highlights and your actions and emotions. iFeel also provides a feeling graph, allowing you to see exactly what you felt during a selected period, showing you exactly what was your emotional state during that time.

iFeel is a rare app that lets us take back control of our emotional life, letting us reflect on our emotional state during selected periods of time. Then, it is up to us to decide what to do with the information, whether to make sure we get back with the spouse we dumped (because NOW we see how happy we were with her) or start looking for a new job because with iFeel we can actually understand how miserable it makes us.

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