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Gem Wear KeyPoints by Corporation - Android Featured App 

Information. Anyway we look at it there's too much of it, in any topic. Be it sports, cooking, technology, political and economical studies of Central America, there's too much information. Be that as it may, we still need it. For some, it's an addiction. For others, it's a hobby more serious than paying jobs (sports, anyone?). And for others, staying abreast of developments is the only way to survive in business.

It is clear we need the information the Internet provides. The question remains, how do we keep informed of the things we need to while not drowning under the sheer amount of information? How do we find the things important to us out of the huge deluge of irrelevant data?

To solve these problems, we would like to introduce smartwatch compatible Gem Wear KeyPoints.

Gem Wear KeyPoints introduces the concept of a gem, which is a single news item, article or blog post. Now, the whole trick is to select the news items, blogs and sites that interest us and Gem Wear allows us to do just that by managing collections of data sources, each user to himself or herself, thus enjoy the data he or she needs.

But that's not all.Each gem appears with a headline, the start of the news item or article presented. Then, a series of keywords and labels appear, connecting this article or news item to a certain topic or type of articles. In fact, just scanning this gem is enough to glean quite a lot of information about the news item itself, helping the user decide whether he or she wants to invest the time to immerse himself or herself in the article.

We must mention another great feature which is the way the news item is presented on the display. The news item, or gem, is presented as a thin line that does not intrude in any way with the normal display on our mobile device, just letting us know a gem exists, connected to a certain topic, and we are free to continue using our mobile device freely till we decide to check the gem our.

Of course, Gem Wear KeyPoints is smartwatch compatible, in fact it is made primarily for smartwatches and mobile wearable devices. Its display is optimized to the small displays of such devices and its battery and CPU consumption is extremely low, to make sure the app doesn't drain a smartwatch's battery too soon.

To sum things up, Gem Wear KeyPoints is an app designed to help us receive the information we want and need out of that great flood called the Internet, and it is smartwatch compatible, making it an ideal choice for installation on any smart wear devices. 

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