geavi - Android Featured App

geavi - Android Featured App 

Android smartphones (and even the other kind ..) have quite a lot of uses, from mobile entertainment center to mobile office to mobile madia center. In fact, with today's huge collection of apps available on Google Play, there is actually nothing that can be done with our smartphones. But, what about security?

We're not talking about the smartphone's security, though this is an important matter in itself. We are not talking about protecting the smartphones from viruses, malware and various hijacking software. We are talking about the smartphone protecting us, our own personal security.

A unique and very original app called geavi does exactly that, using our smartphone to protect us.

So how does a smartphone app protect the physical security of its user? We cannot use the smartphone as a tazer, or a laser gun, or to just blind an attacker. What can be done? The geavi app does something else. It creates evidence. Once activated, geavi will record a video of everything that transpires near the smartphone through the smartphone's camera, no matter what other use we put the smartphone at the time.

How does that serve to protect us? Since geavi records everything all the time, it will record evidence of an attacker trying to assault us, a robber trying to take our bag or even a rude shop owner badmouthing us. Each one of those is another kind of attack and geavi records them all for future use. We can even use geavi to record what transpires when we drive, even while we use the smartphone to navigate.

But a smart attacker can demand that we erase the evidence of his or her assault but geavi has that covered. Videos and recordings creates by geavi CANNOT be deleted for 10 days, even if we want to. That means that even if an attacker tries to force us to delete the evidence, we won't be able to.

So, how does the fact geavi records videos can help us be more secure? Simple. What attacker would dare attack us if he or she knows a live video of his attack is being made at the time of the attack and being uploaded to a secure private cloud storage? The attacker might as well go to the police himself or herself and just confess everything he or she just did ...

Geavi's innovative security implementation creates secured evidence constantly, making our smartphone become a personal security device.

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