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Free Resume Creator by - Android Featured App 

We all know the economy is in a complex state, not to say precarious. We as working people know how important it is to get a job and maintain it, but it sometimes becomes a necessity to apply for a new job, if we got fired from our last or just want to upgrade our position or we just finished school and want to start working.  

Now, if we want to apply to vacant job position, our first move it to send a resume. A resume is one of the most important things human resources look at before calling a person to a work interview. A resume is the first glimpse a human resources person gets of a person, and it will decide for the person if he or she will be called for an interview and continue the process of recruiting the person, or terminating the process right there and then.

So, the problem becomes writing a resume that will be good enough to let  the person applying for the job opening to continue to process. This is why we want to introduce Free Resume Creator. 

What makes a good resume? Remember, a human resources person may see dozens if not hundreds of resumes for every job opening. What will make a human resources person decide to continue the process rather than throwing the resume in the trash can? A resume has to be very clear, one page length. If an HR person has to search for the info in the resume, he or she will rather throw it away and turn to another, clearer, more organized and easier to read resume. 
Free Resume Creator let the user input the important and RELEVANT into needed for a resume. Remember, the resume must compete with hundreds of other resumes. The app requests only the things that need to be in the resume, and limits you in advance to the amount of space available, not to create a too cluttered resume. The app leads the user from step to step and prompts him or her to enter exactly what the human resources person is looking for. 

What is important is the end result and Free Resume Creator produces a PDF file (ready for printing) which is exactly what the HR people are looking for. Lovely to look at, has all the right things, is pre-formatted to show all the important things and avoid displaying irrelevant information, the resume created is optimized to make the Human Resources person scan the resume quickly (they like resumes which are easy to read), see the important things and let the process continue.

Wokring with Free Resume Creator is fast and easy, without too many screens and options and is optimized to let us concentrate on the important things, the info we input.

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