Final Countdown - timer - Android App Review

Final Countdown - timer by thangbom - Android App Review

Final Countdown - timer by thangbom - Android App Review. Android smartphones (and some people claim the other kind of smartphones too ...) are there to make our lives better. Well, actually they exist to bring their makers a lot of money but WE should use them to make our lives better. Nowadays, with our busy lives that are filled with events, happenings and deadlines, managing our timetable has never been so difficult and so important.

Now, calendar apps have existed for some time now, from Google Calendar to many more calendar apps, with some that have been reviewed on Android Review Center. All of them, however, suffer from the same problem. Let us explain. At first, when starting to use the app, all is fine. Then, you start to get notifications. And more notifications. And then even more. Soon, you start to automatically ignore these notifications and that's what makes your calendar app ineffective. Because, if you ignore notifications, what good is your calendar app? And more importantly, how will you manage your timetables now?

Well, to solve all of these problems, we introduce Final Countdown, a timer based calendar app.

What does Final Countdown do? It is a calendar app with all of the features we have come to expect from calendar apps. The user can put in as many events as he or she wants. The user can create recurring events, and edit and delete all the events he wants. Of course, Final Countdown also creates notifications for events, just as regular calendar apps do.

What makes Final Countdown different? Final Countdown is all about a timers that come in myriad shapes and sizes, we several skins and a few sizes of widgets to be placed on the smartphone's homescreen. The timer counts down to the selected events and shows us exactly how much time do we have till the event or happening begins.

We launched our small veteran army of app reviewers at the app and made them download and install the app on their smartphones, making sure they'll use Final Countdown as their main calendar app, transfering all their events to it. Then, we leaned back and waited for their reports.

Before checking out and reporting about special features, the first thing that should be mentioned is that the app is very easy to operate. Adding, editing and deleting events is very easy. Selecting widgets and changing their appearance, their skins and their background image was very easy indeed.

Now, for the timer functionality, which is the main difference between Final Countdown and other calendar apps. Our reviewers reported that having a timer on the homepage makes forgetting events and tasks much harder, because you SEE what event is next and how much time before it starts.

Our reviewers suggested changing the skin of the timer from event to event. This makes keeping track of events very easy because the change of the skin makes you pay attention to the timer every time you use your smartphone, which is the main fuction desired, i.e. not losing track of when an event is about to begin.

Another popular tip was creating events for tasks, such as passing through the grocery on the way back from work. Just create an event, time it just after work and the timer of Final Countdown will alert you to the fact you have to go to the grocery after work.

Another powerful feature of Final Countdown is changing the background image of the timer. Fearful of forgetting your spouse's birthday? Fear no more! Just put his or her image on the timer's background and you'll have a constant reminder that will save you from embarrassment and a lot of explanations ...

To sum things up, Final Countdown was well liked by our reviewers for its flexibilty, it's many different timer skins and options. Well worth a try by those who manage their timetables through their smartphones.

  • Score: 5.0. Stable and feature rich.
  • Description: A feature rich calendar app with a precise and very visible timer widgets.  
  • Good Points: Automatic timezones. Custom alarm ringtones. Customizable timers. Selectable skins. Changing background images. Many fonts. Synchronization with Google Calendar.
  • Bad Points: Nothing really. Perhaps a few more timer skins which we're sure will come in a future update.
  • Experience: Learning to use the app was very simple, even more advanced features such as setting up ringtones, skins and background images.   
  • Longevity: For all those reviewers who used their smartphones to manage their timetables, Final Countdown remains a very viable option.
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