ehelp community by Francisco Yanez - Android App Review

ehelp community by Francisco Yanez - Android App Review

ehelp community by Francisco Yanez - Android App Review. We on Android Review Center review apps (and smartphones). That is what we do. The people who contribute to this effort love tech, love smartphones and mobile computing and love everything that has to do with apps, which are really a new world all to themselves.

But as much as we love this world of computing, it must be pointed out that it is motivated by money and profits. That is not necessarily a bad thing, it is just an observation. App developers want to return their investment and make a profit. Studios want a return on the capital they invested in making apps. That is the natural order of things, since people put in time and effort and if they won't see a return to their investment, the whole model of app development would crash down, to everyone's loss.

This is why we were so pleasantly surprised when we came to know of ehelp community by Francisco Yanez. This app is not about making money, it is about taking advantage of android smartphone's ability to be in touch and connects people who want to help one another.


So, how does this app work? How can someone help another and how can someone be helped by one another with this app?

ehelp community is actually quite simple to operate, always an important feature in an android app. After a simple login, the user is presented with several options. The user can describe what he needs, in terms of services or material things. The user can also specify how can he help, by providing a service or goods. 

A user can also specify what goods or services he wants to trade, if he or she doesn't want to give things away for free. In addition, ehelp community also has a section where people can post their kickstarter campaigns and petition for help from the ehelp community. Last but not least, users can also post special deals and specials, starting from coupons to sales.

So, like we always do, we launched our small army of reviewers at this app and waited for their reports, which weren't long in coming. 

First and foremost our users commented on the interface. It is quite apparent a lot of thought had gone into interface design. Every thing is simple to operate and the mix of azure, blue and green colors create a very pleasant user experience. This seems like a small thing but sometimes the popularity of an app can soar or plummet because of its interface. According to our reviewers, ehelp community's interface was very pleasant and restful.

The app itself was very easy to use. Adding good and services was straight forward since the app has categories for each item, free text and location so no reviewer had any problem adding anything he or she wanted to the community.  

Our reviewers suggested several things to take into consideration when adding stuff or browsing stuff other people added. First and foremost, check the location. If the user is interesting in goods or a service that has to be transferred physically, the location is very important. Next, read all the description of an item and on the other hand, describe what you are offering with as much detail as possible to prevent any confusion. That saves a lot of time. Lastly, check the profile of a person offering an item. There is quite a lot of info to be gained by this.

ehelp community also has another nifty feature which is posting kickstarter campaigns. This is very helpful to anyone raising money on kickstarter as the entire community can join together to support a worthy goal.

Last but not least is the daily special section, which is a great place for businesses to leave coupons or info about sales they are conducting and which the ehelp community might be interested in.

A tip from one of our reviewers has to do with trading vs. giving away items and services. A good selection is quite important, as to avoid giving away for free something valuable that would later cause you regret. However, our reviewer said that sometimes just giving away items has its own benefits, mainly the feeling that you're really helping someone out, and not in order to make a profit.

In conclusion, ehelp community is something more than just an app. It is a whole community geared towards helping people, instead of just providing for them the right ads, like some social networks we know ... We expect great things from ehelp community, not least among them the ability to enable people to show their kinder self.

  • Score: 4.5. A great idea for a electronic help community. Would get a 5.0 when more people join.
  • Description: An electronic help community where everyone offers goods or services to whoever needs it and can receive or trade things in return
  • Good Points: A beautiful interface. A unique idea (a rare thing in our time and age!). A helpful social network and not one who is out to sell your info to advertisers.
  • Bad Points: Still new so not many users yet.
  • Experience: The reviewers who tried it out found it very easy to use. The trick is to use locale search to find people offering and receiving things near you. 
  • Longevity: This is a very special type of social network and its longevity should be very long.
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