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Easy Call and Texts Logger by PS97 - Android Featured App 

Let's face it, even when we own a flagship android smartphone like LG G3, Sony Xperia Z3 or even a Samsung Galaxy S5 or Alpha, still the most precious thing we have in life is our family. Really. Even tech geeks like us at Android Review Center must acknowledge this. And in our family, there is nothing that is more dear to us than our children. This is a fact.

The main thing we need to do is protect our children from danger but this is easier said than done. To get the children'd cooperation will be next to impossible, not to mention the broad range of dangers preying on our children. Anyone who has a kid will know immediately what we are talking about. In addition, anyone who has an elderly parent will also understand the problems. 

This is why Easy Call and Texts Logger can be such a help for all those seeking to safeguard their loved ones. Of course, the app has many other uses but we'll start with them.

What does Easy Call and Texts Logger does? Well, it's a monitoring app that must be installed (legally) on the target phone. Once there, the user of the app can monitor almost everything that goes on on the target's smartphones, in fact the app monitors a huge range of things on the target's phone.

So, what can we learn about the target's phone? Just to be clear, we are writing here about the full features opened to those who buy the paid version of the app. First and foremost, the app monitors the target's phone location, both a real time location report, call locations report (i.e. from where calls have been made) and displays previous monitored locations of the smartphone to help the user understand the path of the target smartphone.

In addition, the app supports a host of other features. It logs and displays calls made, text messages sent and received (quite a nifty feature is watching deleted calls and messages). The app also helps in finding lost smartphones, can monitor various app usages and monitor call expenses. In addition, the app has an elderly monitoring system.  

So, what uses can the app serve? With location and call monitoring, we can keep track and locate our family, whether if someone gets lost on a trip abroad if an elderly person wanders off. We can monitor calls and text messages, to help keep tabs on our young ones and make sure they do not mingle with crowds we don't want them to reach. Of course, the app can also help a lot in a business environment, from keeping tabs on delivery truck drivers to making sure employees don't abuse their work time and their work given smartphones, if any.

Easy Call and Texts Logger is a staggeringly useful app, with uses limited only by the imagination. The fact that it can be installed in a "hidden" mode (make sure you have legal access to the target smartphone) makes it doubly useful.

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