Be the oracle of sports knowledge with the best sports app

Be the oracle of sports knowledge with the best sports app  

This is the era of smartphones and you can find apps for any interest – from online casino to shopping. However one of the most popular kinds is sports apps, simply because fans need to stay in the loop about their teams, and these are three apps that will make you a sporting oracle.

This quiz features 420 football strips from around the world, and you have to guess the teams they belong to. You get three clues for each, and you can also link to the game on Facebook to get help from friends, which is a great feature. Plus, it’s easy to keep track of your progress through the 10 levels of the game, as your stats are provided.

This cricket app is the best for following the cricket scores – and the level of detail provided is outstanding. It’s also easy to use because you don’t have to input much, the information is provided and updated automatically and there is a user-friendly menu. The e-mailable scorecards and batsmen wagon wheels that you can put on your computer or a website are amongst the top features of this app.

This app doesn’t cover one sport – it is the go-to place for all American sports (NFL, MLB, NASCAR etc). Alongside stats and breaking news, you also get analysis of the issues from the FOX Sports team (a standout feature), interviews and match highlights. Furthermore, if you want to adjust it to get info about your favourite teams and sports first., all you have to do is store that information in the app to personalise it.

You can also get content related to sports from online casino mobile webpages nowadays, with online blackjack themed cards or with sports slots like $5 Million Touchdown and The Umpire Strikes Back. 

The first of these is NFL themed and offers five reels with players, cheerleaders etc on them and minimum deposits of $0.10 as well as a $5m jackpot and brilliant Touchdown bonus game. The latter is about cricket and also lets you play for just $0.10, while offering a $1000 jackpot and bonuses.


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