Advanced Stock Screener - Android App Review

Advanced Stock Screener by Scratchdisk Software - Android App Review

Advanced Stock Screener by Scratchdisk Software - Android App Review. People who trade and otherwise work the stock market know that sometimes the catch is finding the right stocks at exactly the right time. Timing is everything, especially when it concerns the stock market. 

Advanced Stock Screener is a stock market app that aims to bring to the user exactly the stocks he or she is interested in, according to his won watch list and strategy, whether it according to dividends or whether the user is looking for high flying stocks, or even different types of cap values. 

How does Advanced Stock Screener work? With this app, the user picks or defines a watchlist of stocks divided into sectors, such as NASDAQ 100, then picks a strategy to screen the stocks, selecting between cap values, dividend values and more and then the app produces a list of stocks that have passed the screening. A tap on a stock will bring a very informative information about it, from price to earnings growth to price to book ratio, and much more. 

We had our reviewers download the app for reviews and impressions. In fact, not all our reviewers trade stocks or are interesting in stocks in general, but we even had a few reviewers who were totally new to the stock market try the app, something that made us happy since we could get opinions from experiences and newbies in the stock market business.

Like we usually do, we'll start with the interface. All our reviewers were quite happy with that, as the interface simplifies things by taking the user from option to option and concentrates only the relevant information to that stage on screen. This makes for a large number of clicks for selecting screening policy but it is VERY clear to the user. Like we said, our reviewers liked it.

Our more experiences reviewers were quite happy with the strategy building options as they were able to build strategies that enabled the app to show them the stocks they thought interesting according to their private investment policies. Of course, this is the main strength of Advanced Stock Screener, presenting the user with the stocks her or she is interested in, screening those that aren't interesting.  

All of our reviewers were quite happy both with the selection of watch lists and stock sources and the amount of information that app presents about each stock, making buying and selling quite simple since you get all the info you need and you only need to contact your broker to perform the stock market actions you are interested in. 

Our reviewers were also pleased at the amount of default screening strategies present, as they could select a useful existing screening strategy instead of building one, and more often than not, those screening strategies were also very successful buying and selling strategies, with the app indicating the interesting stocks automatically. 

The online sharing center for watch lists and screening strategies was very useful as people new to the stock market could start understanding what the professional were looking for and gain useful insights and even the professionals looked through the online strategies to get hints and clues and sometimes get a tip to look for something they haven't thought to try so far.

Last and not least, unlike many apps, the makers of Advanced Stock Screener are actually listening to what their users have to say and on two occasions made changes and added some new features to the app according to their users request, without knowning they were actually reviewing the app.

In conclusion, Advanced Stock Screener is a very useful tool, with a simple to operate interface that serves to help both the advanced and the beginer stock market traders with narrowing down and finding the stocks that interest them.

  • Score: 4.6. A very solid and useful app.
  • Description: A stock screener app that searches pre-selected sector divided stocks from watch lists to find stocks that meet criteria defined in user strategies.  
  • Good Points: Saves a lot of time by automatically searching sectors for the right stocks. User defined strategies. Simple interface with data presentation optimization. Online strategy sharing center.
  • Bad Points: A few reviewers would have liked to see trending as a technical filter.
  • Experience: Our reviewers found using Advanced Stock Screener very easy and intuitive. It took some time for some to find the strategies that they wanted, but that's more an issue for their private investing policy rather than an issue with the app. 
  • Longevity: Most reviewers found this tool very helpful and would continue using it, especially with the developers' commitment to adding new features.
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