WhenDidI - Event Logger by eWorld Tech - Android App Review

WhenDidI - Event Logger by eWorld Tech - Android App Review

WhenDidI - Event Logger by eWorld Tech - Android App Review. Android smartphones (some may argue that even Apple smartphones ...) are there to make our lives better. Modern life has a lot of good things going for it but also quite a number of bad things. One of the bad things is the SHEER amount of things one has to remember. Events. Doing shopping. Doing laundry. Feeding the baby. Paying the bills. And the list goes on and on.

But the evil thing is that just remembering those events isn't enough any more. How much do we actually spend on shopping for food every month? How much do we drink at parties? How much money do we spend on paying bills every month? How much did the baby eat? How are we going with our aerobic weekly training? Modern life forces us not only to remember things but to remember amounts as well, if we want to lead good, balanced and calculated lives, of course.
WhenDidI - Event Logger by eWorld Tech claims to be able to not only organize our lives, but also to be able to organize the AMOUNTS by which we live our lives. Does it really do what it promises to?

More then one app on Google Play organizes events, notifications and reminders. WhenDidI has that functionality, of course, but it also manages quantitative measurements. Even event can have some kind of 'amount' added to it, calories or time or money or pints of alcohol and then WhenDidI can analyze the measurements to display that information to the user.

WhenDidI has graphs of measurements, statistics and summaries, all to allow the user to analyze the events he had registered over time. How much did you drink during May? How much time did you spend training? How much calories did you lose at workouts the whole year? WhenDidI shows all that information.

Is any of this useful? Do people really need that kind of thing? We gave the app to our small host of reviewers and told them to have a go at WhenDidl and return with their impressions.

First and foremost, our reviewers reported that the app needs some getting used to. The menus and screens are simple enough and the operations is quite intuitive, but still, the sheer amount of features WhenDidI delivers means people have to put in a little time to understand and master all those features. 

Then, people really started pouring in their reports. One lady took the time and organizes all her home shopping, finding out that she actually spend hundreds of dollars per month more than she thought, prompting her to go the distance to a larger supermarket a little farther from home, but the info presented by WhenDidI assured her it was worth the price of gas.

Another man put his diet on WhenDidI, including meals and snacks and workout and managed to understand where most of his calories where coming from and better adjust his meals and their times. 

We had two mothers who calculated how much their babies ate and came up with a schedule of when to go to the shop to buy more baby food, which is quite an undertaking with a two or three months old baby.

In conclusion, WhenDidI has implemented a great idea, of not only managing events but managing a user defined amount in those events, allowing people to better understand and control their lives. In that respect, WhenDidI did a great job. One last reviewer reported she put on her app the total time spent by her teenager son playing video games and doing his homework. The resulting graphs were frightening but enlightening. 

  • Score: 4.6. Great idea with many applications.
  • Description: An event logger that allows managing amounts in events. 
  • Good Points: Simple and professional interface. A lot of methods to display results, graphs and statistics. Online sync to avoid losing data. A host of other features.
  • Bad Points: The sheer complexity of the app along with its many many features takes some getting used to and learning.
  • Experience: Everyone started working with the app right from the start, though using the more complex features took some more time.
  • Longevity: Those who took the time to enter events with their amounts will not leave this app, since there is no other app of this level that can do what WhenDidl does.
  • Google Play Link - Free Version
  • Google Play Link - Paid Version


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