StitMe by Boolean Tech Ireland Limited - Android App Review

StitMe by Boolean Tech Ireland Limited - Android App Review

StitMe by Boolean Tech Ireland Limited - Android App Review. Today's Android smartphones are a great helper to our everyday lives. They can do so many things, you'd need a whole website just to list some of them (actually, that's what Android Review Center is for ...). Android smartphones hold your contact lists, your email correspondence, your calender, your browsing history and the list goes on and on. That's exactly what makes smartphones so great. They are your mobile office, your entertainment center and your gaming center.

And all of this creates a huge problem. Your smartphone's number is your ID and your home office. Imagine everyone person just entering your office whenever THEY want. Imagine messages and SMS's you sent being used years later against you. Imagine call history being used against you. In our present time, our privacy is being severely threatened, and it's a matter that concerns EVERY ONE of us, not just the privacy nuts. 

So, here came Boolean Tech Ireland Limited and gave us StitMe, an app that is supposed to make sure our number and messages always remain private. That's a tall promise. Do they deliver?

So, how does StitMe work? StitMe had an ingenious idea that insures that whatever we do, our privacy is preserved. Whenever we want to make a call, we are given a StitMe number and we do the call through them. This way, anyone who received a call from us doesn't see our number, but only the StitMe number which cannot be used to reach us. This makes sure that, provided we use StitMe, our number will remain absolutely private.

The same way, when we send a message, it is send from a StitMe number which again protects our number and privacy and not only that, it also deletes the message after a certain time has elapsed.

We did not subject the app to cryptographic tests or privacy analysis, we just gave it to our reviewers to try it out and here are the results.

First and foremost, this app works. All our reviewers reported they received StitMe numbers and they made calls without a hitch, always with a very high quality audio, sometimes more so than their usual carrier. The receivers saw the StitMe numbers and none had anyway of calling back our reviewers. 

The messaging system also operated perfectly, with the kill switch of the messages and the conversations deleting the messages, exactly as promised. StitMe delivers exactly what it said it would.

Our reviewers also reported that using the StitMe interface was very easy as the Boolean Tech Ireland obviously put a lot of effort in putting together an interface that was simple and functional and not without grace. Totally professional. 

Our own privacy nuts had to point out that although the messages are being deleted from the recipient device, the receiver can take a screenshot of his smartphone and save it, so make sure what info you send in the messages. In addition, there may be ways to record the conversations themselves, so be aware of that and don't divulge info you don't need to, even if your number remains private. Last but not least, if you're buying a new sim from a carrier, make sure your number is not listed in cellular number directories some carriers keep to insure your number remains private.

In conclusion, StitMe delivers exactly what it promises, i.e. making sure your number remains private and deleting messages sent with StitMe whenever you want or after a certain time. The interface is very simple and attractive and the app is easy enough to use. Just make sure the service is supported in your area, as the app still doesn't support every carrier everywhere.

  • Score: 4.5. Great app that does what it say. It will get a 5.0 when it supports every carrier everywhere.
  • Description: A privacy app that makes sure your number remains private and your messages can be deleted after a time on both sender and receiver's smartphones. 
  • Good Points: Really professional interface. Privacy guarantee. Simple operation.
  • Bad Points: Doesn't support every location yet. Still subject to call recording and message saving (don't get us wrong. Nothing can protect you from that but still, we must point it out).
  • Experience: Our users found working with it quite simple. Of course, since making calls to family does not require private number, our reviewers also found that switching from one type of calling to another very simple.
  • Longevity: Anyone who cares for his privacy made it a part of his permanent app collection. Those who hate spam calls and telemarketers also kept this on.
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