Spelltorn, Clash of Fates RPG by 2XL Games - Android App Review

Spelltorn, Clash of Fates RPG by 2XL Games - Android App Review

Spelltorn, Clash of Fates RPG by 2XL Games - Android App Review. There are some things that are harder to do in our age of instant gratification. One of those is a good role playing game, or RPG. You need a good and interesting story. You need to have good and attractive characters. You need well designed graphics that will help the players immerse themselves in the RPG's world. Finally, you need a sophisticated system of battles, level progression, item gathering and crafting and more.

Not to undermine a game like Angry Birds or Flappy Birds, but making a good RPG is a much more complex endeavor. In fact, in our very humble opinion, in our time and age, only people who crave RPGs and are players themselves make RPG. You don't make those kind of apps to become rich.
Enough with the chatter. We would like to introduce the RPG SpellTorn, Clash of Fates by veteran android and apple game maker, 2XL Games.

The story behind SpellTorn, Clash of Fates is both simple yet promising. The continent of Masara was torn asunder four hundred years ago by the wars of the mages, who in their wraths and battle rage unleashed their most horrible magics, and freed the fire dragon from his long captivity. It is your role now to quest in Masara and seek glory.

This app is a fill RPG with a twist. The player gets to choose characters such as mages, accumulate power in the form of resources, items and skills and quest through the land of Masara, battling enemies and gathering friends. Now, one of the interesting things about Spelltorn, Clash of Fates is the way the story branches, which means that your choices along the way determine how the story unfolds.

So, we gave this app to our reviewers with mixed feelings, as not everyone plays games on their android smartphone and even among those that do, many don't like long protracted games. Instant gratification, anyone?
However, we were surprised to find out many of our reviewers did end up playing this game. First and foremost, they loved the graphic. It doesn't give the impression of being high tech CGI animation but more classic animation, as befits a classic roleplaying game.

Others loved the sharing and online abilities of the game that has features of building guilds along with online friends, working together to strengthen the guilds and fighting other guilds on Masara. The online features of the game were a love feature by almost every reviewer.

Last and not least, is the turn based combat which is again not something geared for quick reaction and instant gratification but it forces you to think, plan and carefully use your strengths against the weakness of your enemies, and the continent of Masara has no shortness of enemies ...

In conclusion, the vast majority of our reviewers were of the opinion that Spelltorn, Clash of Fates is a classic RPG, with attractive graphics that convey exactly the right kind of atmosphere, with online sharing and playing and turn based tactical combat. Of course, the branching story allows one to restart the game and play it out according to different choices in another way. 

  • Score: 4.5. A real classic RPG. We only took half a point not because the game was bad, but because less and less people want complex stories and evolving games our days. Their loss.
  • Description: An RPG where the player plays a character and builds it and its guild up while it quests over Masara. 
  • Good Points: Very well exceuted grahics. Branching story. Online sharing and playing. Turn based tactical combat.
  • Bad Points: None really, except there is no mode for those who want instant, rapid, real time combat.
  • Experience: We were surprised to discover that even reviewers who had no previous experience with RPGs took the time to learn and experience the game.
  • Longevity: Long. People did enjoy the game for a long time, trying out different choices to get different story branching.
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  1. Agreed - this is a well built game and you can tell by the level of detail in all the features. I am not normally an RPG gamer, but this game sucked me in. I have been playing for two hours. The best part is the community it is building inside. I like the realtime chats with other players and the guild aspect. Kudoo's to the developers.