Slideshow & Video Maker by Ambivo - Featured Android App

Slideshow & Video Maker by Ambivo - Featured Android App  

We see quite a lot of apps trying to solve one of the greatest user problems of our modern age and android smartphones. We are talking of course about the proliferation of media, most of which we create ourselves. Why is this a problem? Well, let's look at the bare facts, shall we? Most android smartphones allow us to take hundreds if not thousands of high quality photos before their internal storage becomes full, and we can also take dozens of short videos, everything in high quality. If we use expansion cards and cloud storage, the situation becomes even worse. Imagine that after six months of having a baby or just two trips aboard, you're swamped by thousands of photos and dozens of videos. 

What do we do with all this media?!?

Luckily for us, Ambivo created their Slideshow and Video Maker app. Let's face it, we need our huge media library for two things. One is to watch a quick rundown of our trip and the second, to have some hard prints of our photos to hang on walls (at home or at work) or give away as presents. Ambivo's Slideshow & Video Maker does exactly that. It allows us to select a huge variety of media, pics or videos and combine them into presentations or videos. This is actually perfect for sharing on social networks (which Ambivo supports) or just to condense our last trip or the last six months of raising our baby to a few minutes of video. 

Slideshow & Video Maker has a lot of features, all dedicated to helping us make a better presentation or video. The app allows us to pick an unlimited number of photos and videos to combine into a slideshow (limited by size, though). You can add a soundtrack of your own, with explanations, narration or just background music. You can choose the transition type from one slide to another and share the result on social networks.

Of course, one of the most interesting features is the ability to order in the US high quality photos and DVD of slideshows to make this app a complete solution to our media proliferation and usage problem. 

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