OCR Instantly Pro by TheSimplest.Net - Featured Android App

OCR Instantly Pro by TheSimplest.Net - Featured Android App  

OCR is something we may need rarely, depending on our current occupation, but when we need it, we need it urgently. What exactly is it? OCR is a process by which an image of a document, paper from a book or really anything that has text in it, is scanned and converted into digital format where the words have been "understood" by the OCR process and are now searchable and editable. The applications are many, starting from students who need to index and search a study text, to lawyers who need to have an editable copy of a text to us, and finally us simple folks who may need a searchable PDF file of a receipt, document or anything else. 

The question that begs to be asked is, what does OCR Instantly have that that other OCR Instantly has that other similar android apps don't ?!?

OCR Instantly has several features that makes it one of the best OCR apps around. First and foremost is the ability to copy the digital text created to the clipboard and share it with other apps, such as word processing apps etc. OCR Instantly also allows us to share our newly created file with friends (or study groups). It supports multiple languages and even has built in support for translation by Google Translate. OCR Instantly makes the OCR process into a simple once by a carefully designed user interface and also has some unique features such as noise reduction and even scanning right from the TV.

The advantage OCR Instantly has compared to other OCR apps lies in its simple design and operation, allowing everyone to work with the app and not only specialists. Another advantage stems from the thought TheSimplest.Net put in what happens AFTER the OCR process, in processing, searching and storing the resulting digital format text. OCR Instantly also enjoys from a great number of advanced features, such as translation, local OCR engine to speed up the OCR process, noise reduction and image enhancement, all designed to make the OCR process as fast and as simple as possible for the user.

OCR Instantly remains one of the best, if not THE best OCR android apps we've ever come across. 

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