OCR Instantly by TheSimplest.net - Android App Review

OCR Instantly by TheSimplest.net - Android App Review

OCR Instantly by TheSimplest.net - Android App Review. Smartphones, and android smartphones in particular are there to help make our lives better. Apps and utils are the main tools in helping us in small and big ways, like chat apps, navigation, flashlights and many more kinds of apps, many of which can be seen here on Android Review Center.

OCR, optical character recognition, is one of those important things android smartphones can do make our lives better. We need them o photocopy and search a document, a contract, a study text or a recreational short story. An OCR app takes an image of a document containing words and turns it into a real document (in various formats) in which the words are accessible for search, editing and everything else.   
OCR Instantly is an OCR app with several very handy features that is claimed to be fast, efficient and simple to operate. Does it stand up to its own hype?

Our reviewers were more than glad to try out this app. The older ones do happen to come across a document they want to store as digital content and the younger ones, mostly students, also have uses for the app as a helping aid to their study. 

Reports we received from our reviewers highlighted several very useful features OCR Instantly has that became instant favorites with our people. Perhaps the most handy feature was the ability to copy the resulting text into the clipboard for use in other apps. Sometimes it can be frustrating with current Android versions to highlight, copy and paste a large amount of text and the ability to do it with OCR Instantly made sharing the text, posting it on social networks or just saving it inside a note, email or Whatsapp message very useful. 

Another feature our reviewers praised was the ability to create several formats of digital data, especially PDF files. That can in very useful to students who sometimes had to scan a lot of written material to find that one quote containing the molecule they were looking for. Of course, sharing a PDF file among the study group was easy and straight forward. 

The fact the OCR engine itself is inside the app prevents unnecessary dependence on cellular connectivity and central servers that might be down the moment you need them. The speed of the OCR process itself was fairly impressive.

In fact, we just outlined only a few of the features as the OCR Instantly app has a LOT of features to help users, starting from the ability to scan multi column text such as newspapers, can scan text directly from the TV screen though only some of our reviewers said they used it during lectures when written material was presented on a screen or one particular reviewer who scanned and saved a TV commercial and then forced the company to adhere to the things promised in the commercial. 

Some subtle features such as noise reduction and the ability to inhibit some characters that appear by mistake made working with the app much easier and faster than similar apps we got to try. It should be mentioned that the operation of the app is VERY simple, just scan the text and press the OCR button.

In conclusion, OCR Instantly is a very sophisticated app that comes with a very welcome and simple user interface. Even people who are anything but tech savvy had no problem working with the app and converting any text they wanted, the app enhancing images and removing noise to make the OCR more accurate.

  • Score: 4.75. Great app. 
  • Description: An OCR app that turns images of text into reusable digital text. 
  • Good Points: Simple interface. TV scan. Noise reduction and image enhancement. Text sharing and clipboard copying from within the app. Column and paragraph support. Many other features as well.
  • Bad Points: None, really. This is not a bad point, just making sure people understand that the full features are only available on the paid version.
  • Experience: Almost no one had trouble working with the app from the start. A few of our reviewers did had problems with scanning and sharing text but it turns out they didn't bother reading the very simple instructions.
  • Longevity: Those who needed it paid for the full version and kept using it. For them, this app became a permanent feature on their smartphones.
  • Google Play Link - Free Version
  • Google Play Link - Paid Version


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