GuessUp by playsimple studios - Featured Android App

GuessUp by playsimple studios - Featured Android App 

Guessing games have always been fun. It's fun to try to fathom what the riddle's creator had in mind, it's fun straining your mind to come up with an answer which many times is something different than what you initially thought the answer would be ... Of course, straining that muscle that's called intuition is not only fun but has real life application, in creating a better and faster mind. Try it if you don't believe it.

So, we've had a go at a very special guessing game called GuessUp by playsimple studios. Does it do what it's supposed to do?!?

GuessUp is a guessing game that uses emoji to display its riddles. You earn coins by guessing right and you can share riddles with your friends and ask their help in solving the harder riddles. GuessUp has a huge variety of riddles and guessing games to solve, more than 1000 in fact, and every one is a visual treat. The game also allows you to purchase hints, to try to help you solve the more difficult riddles and games.

Our modern life takes place at breakneck speed, as we are always rushing to work, rushing in work, rushing back, running at home to do the chores, etc. GuessUp presents a real fun opportunity to lay back for one minutes, call up the next riddle, solve it and then plunge right back into the rat game. Almost endless number of puzzles, extremely cute graphics, surprises, hints and a feature that allows you to seek help from friends make up on of the most interesting guessing games for Android Smartphones.

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