Go Break-Puzzle Sets - Android App Review

Go Break-Puzzle Sets - Android App Review

Go Break-Puzzle Sets - Android App Review. Puzzles are among the few things common to kids and adults alike. Maybe because everyone loves a challenge. Maybe because everyone loves to think and to solve riddles. Maybe because we get to feel good about ourselves in a good way, as we solve and un-riddle another puzzle.

Go Break-Puzzles Sets is an app offering quite a lot of puzzles, of differing types and differing skill levels, from simple puzzles to master type difficulty puzzles. It has math puzzles, crosswords and many more types of puzzles, all designed to let us test our mind and mettle against those riddles.
So, what did our reviewers say? Did they like these puzzles? Who turned out to be an unlikely recipient of some unexpected puzzles?

Our reviewers at Android Review Center downloaded and started playing around with Go Break-Puzzle Sets. We got the first reports from those reviewers which tried out the math section. The simple section was simple enough and was dealt with quickly, while the later sections were more difficult and required thought. In fact, the hard sections required real courage and only a few tried their hands at the master sections, solving Fibonacci series. 

Other reviewers tried their hands at the color puzzles, and though quite simple at first, they quickly became more difficult. Our reviewers lauded the originality of these puzzles as they hadn't had the opportunity to try these kinds of puzzles before.

The crosswords puzzles were also very entertaining, according to our reviewers and some of them required real skill and thought, even for those of our reviewers who had experience in crossword puzzles for Android Smartphones.

Our reviewers liked the interface, which clearly had a lot of design effort put into it. Everything is done one quite beautiful backgrounds, usually space and star oriented with the puzzles themselves taking pleasing shapes such as round balls or computer designed and decorated frames to create very attractive puzzles.

Now, we did promise we would talk about the unlikely recipient of these puzzles, and those were the kids. Kids loves those puzzles, and according to their age, spent quite a lot of time with them which is a good thing because puzzles are good for mental and cognitive development and kids don't usually have the patience to stick with puzzles long enough to solve them. But with Go Break-Puzzles sets, the sheer beauty of the puzzles' design and the fact there were so many kinds of puzzles enabled kids, even small ones, to stick with the puzzles.

In conclusion, Go Break-Puzzle sets is a very attractive puzzle app and we can prove it by the sheer amount of reviewers who stuck with it. The app is very well designed and the puzzles themselves are very original, with some new kinds of puzzles rarely if ever seen on other puzzle apps. Last but not least is the fact kids tented to like this app, which makes for much healthier occupation for them then completing another level in Candy Crush Saga ....

  • Score: 5.0. Nothing really we wanted to change or add.
  • Description: A collection of puzzles of various types and increasing difficulty. 
  • Good Points: A lot of types of puzzles, some very original. Varying degrees of difficulty. Beautiful design and background.
  • Bad Points: None, really. Waiting for some new types of puzzles in future updates.
  • Experience: Started to work on the puzzles right after installing. No trouble with interface or stability.
  • Longevity: Varying. People with kids or who love a mental challenge would leave this forever on their android smartphones ...
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