Envii - Featured Android App

Envii - Featured Android App  

It is not often that we have the pleasure of coming across a totally original app, whose idea and premise are really something unique that we haven't seen before. With Envii, we encountered a very interesting and original idea. We can tell it's a good one, because you immediately ask yourself, why haven't I thought about it? Envii is all about surprises and presents, combined with the best features of social networks. Presents and surprises are fun because you have to open their wrappers to know what's inside them, and presents protected by riddles are even more fun.  

With Envii, you take a picture or a media item of some sort and lock it, protecting it with its own unique wrapper, usually a photo filter that wraps the image in some way. Then, you add a lock that can be a riddle, a geographical location or a time based event. In addition, a popularity lock can be used and naturally, an Envii media item can be locked by more than a single lock. Then, the real fun begins. 

You send your Envii items to friends and receive items and riddles in return. This is what makes Envii such an interesting step forward in everything that is social network, because you not only share a private or special moment with friends, but you wrap it up in a virtual present wrapping and create a riddle for your friends to solve. Of course, you can send an Envii media item to yourself, a time locked reminder for tomorrow or two years from now, or create a unique present for your spouse to be unlocked on his or her birthday. 

This is what makes Envii so special, the boundless possibilities it offers which are limited only by your imagination. 

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