BuilDota2 Lite (for Dota 2) by A.G.A.T - Featured Android App

BuilDota2 Lite (for Dota 2) by A.G.A.T - Featured Android App 

Dota 2, or Defense of The Ancients is one of the most popular games today, with at least ten million players playing it online around the globe. The sheer complexity of the game with over one hundred hero characters to play and hundreds of special abilities and items to enhance the heroes' skill, is what makes it so fun. 

And also so frustrating because, unless you already devoted a considerable amount of energy and time to play Dota 2, you won't really know what your hero will be when he will be stronger, what skills to invest in and what special items to hoard to make your hero the strongest and the most interesting for YOU to play.

Enter BuilDota2 Lite by A.G.A.T which was made just with this purpose in mind, to let the player see how his or her character will evolve, or what character to select to be able to enjoy the game as much as possible.
BuilDota2 Lite allows you the unique option to selecting a hero, trying out different item and skill combinations and finding out how his complete stats will be under a combination. BuilDota2 Lite allows the player to tinker with his combinations in order to see how to let his character evolve to become what the play wishes for, instead of blindly trying out things. 

Of course, knowing in advance what hero to select, items to hoard and skills to develop will allow the player to reach the hero he wanted in the shortest and easiest way possible, allowing the Dota 2 player to concentrate on the most important thing, the carnage.

To sum it up, BuilDota2 Lite with its always updated hero info, item combination selection, hero evolution slider, Dota 2 like interface and actual hero animation and sounds is the thing that separates the casual Dota 2 players from the serious, professional ones. There's just no other way to look at this.

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