Babylon Bob - Featured Android App

Babylon Bob - Featured Android App 

Platform games are ideal stress relievers and great to pass the five minutes you have to wait till the bus comes or the toddler finishes whatever he or she has to do in the toilet. But since there are so many platform games for android smartphones, how can you choose the among to find the ones that are worth playing?
We would like to present Babylon Bob, a game we reviewed (see link at the end of this article) and loved. The story and the game are quite simple. A cop sees three kids performing a suspected felony and launches a furious pursuit through the city, having to dodge obstacles, jump over them and chase the three teens wherever they run, even if they launch away in tiny airplanes.

Babylon Bob is so fun to play because it's graphics are unusual, quirky and strange, attractive and cute. You have to see the game to understand. In addition, the game is fairly difficult, so better bring your skills and hone your hand to eye coordination before you try to challenge Babylon Bob. Last but not least is the absence of violence. No guns, explosions, weapons or bodies of any sort. Makes this an ideal game for kids to play to give their parents some well earned rest.

In conclusion, an instant classic platform game with twisted, funny graphics and challenging game play make Babylon Bob a game to try.

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