Babylon Bob by Dream Baked - Android App Review

Babylon Bob by Dream Baked - Android App Review

Babylon Bob by Dream Baked - Android App Review. Today's Google Play offers a large number of platform games, where a hero has to jump between platforms, while chasing or avoiding enemies while avoiding obstacles and traps. Almost any kind of platform game has already been done and copied a dozen times. So, why should we take a look at another platform game?

Actually, that's exactly WHY we're looking at another platform game, to see what makes this game, Babylon Bob, different than all the other platform games on Google Play.

So, what is Babylon Bob? It's a platform game where you play an English copper whose in a hot pursuit after a trio of miscreants, the muffin kids, into town. Babylon Bob (a bobby is an English police constable) has to chase the kids while avoiding obstacles, jumping high and sometimes very high, use existing obstacles to surmount higher and tougher obstacles and even ride and fly through the skies on the whistle, as strange as it seems.

We gave the app to our reviewers and sat back to wait for their reports. 

The first thing all reviewers pointed out was the style and graphics of the game. We talked about what makes Babylon Bob different than other platform games and the style is definitely one of them. This game is almost insanely cure. From the speech, the animation, the characters, the course that Babylon Bob has to follow. All of this was designed by a genius to make it so cute you cannot put the game down. Seriously.

The other thing was the difficulty of the game. This game is not easy and could test anyone's set of skills, no matter how much they practiced playing other games and other platform games. You have to plan meticously when and how high you jump, not only to clear the immediate obstacle coming up but also all the others behind it. Plan in advance, look ahead and jump to clear all the obstacles, if you have to perform a low jump to clear the first obstacle, than jump onto the second one and jump high to clear a platform. Be prepared for a challenge although all reviewers had reported that with a little practice you can easily make some headway.

The last but not least thing is the violence in the game. Actually, the lack of violence. In the age of exploding birds and sword wielding games, Babylon Bob is a game lacking in violence. The cop is unarmed and the culprits are just kids, with no guns, bombs, missiles, tanks or blades anywhere in the game. Many reviewers reported this was great and it set a much nicer and more attractive atmosphere.  

Of course, the game has the online sharing facilities to publish your high scores and compete with friends and the Babylon Bob communities, with bonuses and hidden levels becoming available here and there.

In conclusion, Babylon Bob is a rare game indeed. It's aimed at teens and adults with some spare moments, has a great and weapon free atmosphere and it can really challenge even the avid game player with some rapid hand eye coordination.

  • Score: 5.0. Nothing really we would have tried to improve. We liked it!
  • Description: A platform game with quirky atmosphere and interesting HD graphics. 
  • Good Points: Difficult. A real challenge. Very interesting and different graphics in HD. No weapons, explosions etc. Quick and fun.
  • Bad Points: Haven't really found any. Perhaps an option to slow down the game for the coordination challenged people would have helped.
  • Experience: Our reviewers just loved the game, with its carefully planned animation and it's unique world. 
  • Longevity: For those who loved the animation, the challenge and the sheer uniqueness of this game, it became a must. 
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