All Songs Lyrics - Android App Review

All Songs Lyrics - Android App Review

All Songs Lyrics - Android App Review. There is the amateur music lover, who just likes to hear music now and then, likes a few artists and doesn't care much about the deeper meaning of the songs he or she hears. And then there's the serious music enthusiast, who likes to have at hand ALL the music from his preferred artists, including the videos and the lyrics, because some things become clear only when you take the music, the lyrics and the music videos.

Enter the app All Songs Lyrics by Dev Studios Entertainment, a seasoned developer with quite a lot of interesting apps. This app purports to present to the user a comprehensive database of songs, lyrics and music all arranged according to the arts.         

What did our reviewers say? Did they find this app useful? 

All Songs Lyrics is a new app so our reviewers and us were quite happy to be among the first to try it out. One of the good things about our reviewers is that they fall among several age groups, something that gives us a comprehensive look at an app.

The first thing our reviewers reported was the simplicity of the user interface. We do get some apprehensive looks from reviewers who are tired of testing out apps which are devilishly difficult to understand and use, but All Songs Lyrics has a simple user interface which is very easy to use, though it still remains attractive. Everyone can use it easily, even kids and the elderly. 

Another thing our reviewers reported was about the comprehensive lists of songs and artists, thousands of items already there and that will no doubt will expand in upcoming updates. 

Our reviewers liked the way you can search for a song or an artist and then very easily reach the lyrics, music and music videos of a particular song the user is interested in. The fact the app takes us to Youtube to watch the music video was very useful because it helped find even more versions of the music videos in question.

So, our reviewers liked several things about this app. Perhaps the first is the simple and easy way the user can find other songs by a specified artist. Usually you start by hearing a song on the radio and liking it, and then you start to explore the entire music by that artist. All Songs Lyrics is very helpful as it lets you easily get a list of the other songs by our artist, and then the user can hear the music, see the lyrics and enjoy the music video.

Another interesting use was finding the meaning of songs. Most music has meaning and a message, and the readily accessible lyrics helps the user get the message. Admittedly, usually older reviewers found this useful, but some reviewers from the younger generation also liked to dive deeper. 

Of course, having lyrics, song lists and music videos makes writing lines from songs much easier, either as statuses on social networking or as signatures ...

In conclusion, our reviewers found this app VERY helpful, either to find and experience music, to find and understand lyrics and in general getting the full experience of music, of seeing the entire spectrum of an artist's works, including music videos. A simple and intuitive user interface made this app very useful and easy to use, and very fast to access (since you don't want to wait for an app to work when you search for a specific line from a specific song to quote in a social gathering ...).

  • Score: 4.7. A very useful app, though we would have liked to be able to search through the lyrics database and have more songs, all of which would come in future updates.
  • Description: An app to search for lyrics, music and video music of songs and playlists songs of specific artist. 
  • Good Points: Intuitive and very easy to use user interface. Presents lyrics, music and music videos. Presents all the songs by an artist.
  • Bad Points: We would have liked even more songs and search in lyrics option.
  • Experience: Our reviewers, young and old, started using this app immediately because of its well designed user interface.
  • Longevity: Long. A must for serious and even casual music lovers.
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