365 Daily Bible Wallpaper - Android App Review

365 Daily Bible Wallpaper - Android App Review

365 Daily Bible Wallpaper - Android App Review. There are some features of our smartphone we love but we hate to use or modify. The home screen background image is one of them. We LOVE to have our own customized homescreen image, but when did you last take the time and effort to change it? We swear we'll do it as soon as possible, but even if we have a cute spouse, children or grand kids, we never actually get around to changing the image.

This is one of the reasons 365 Daily Bible Wallpaper is such a good idea. It modifies our homescreen wallpaper automatically! No more dithering around and waiting to buy a new smartphone to modify our wallpaper (yeah. We know. We also change our wallpaper when we buy a new smartphone all together.). 365 Daily Bible Wallpaper changes our wallpapers automatically, letting us enjoy one of the fun things about Android Smartphones.     

So, is it any good? Is it worth the one dollar price? Are the wallpapers it displays interesting?

Like we always do, we gave our reviewers the app and told them to get busy. Actually, 365 Daily Bible Wallpaper is about two weeks on Google Play when we tested it, so this is probably the first review about it anyway. 

Our reviewers were happy that the installation processes and configuring was sweet and simple, without the hassle and effort some apps require, justified or not. The app ran on every smartphone we tested on every Android version without a noticeable hitch. 

Our reviewers told us having a new wallpaper every day was certainly making their smartphone experience that much more fun and interesting, because you never know what's coming next and what will be displayed on your wallpaper, which is kind of exciting.

Our reviewers liked as a whole the kind of pictures shown on the wallpaper, which divide mostly into several kinds. There are the night skies wallpapers, which are beautiful. There are the nature scenes which are sometimes breathtakingly beautiful and there are the abstract computer generated images which are also exciting and very interesting, as come of our reviewers have never seen images like these before.

Broadly speaking, our reviewers liked all three kinds of images, though it should be mentioned that older reviewers liked the nature scenes the best and the computer drawings a little less, while younger reviewers liked the computer generated images the best and thought some of the nature scenes were a little boring. Both kinds of reviewers were content to let the wallpaper change itself to the kind of images they liked the best. 

To sum things up, our reviewers liked this app a lot, everyone selecting their own kind of wallpaper images  to like, though it was clear a great effort was made to make all images beautiful. The bible quotations were also nice and we did notice that the younger generations of reviewers just ignored them while the older reviewers liked them a lot. We do believe even the younger reviewers had something to learn from the quotations, though they refused to admit it ...

  • Score: 4.5. A great app, though we would have liked a greater range of configurations, such as the ability to choose images for wallpapers and the number of images per day.
  • Description: A wallpaper modifying app that changes each day the wallpaper image and displays a bible quotation. 
  • Good Points: Simple installation. Great images and great idea.
  • Bad Points: We would have liked to have more configuration options in future versions.
  • Experience: Our reviewers had no problem installing and running 365 Daily Bible Wallpaper, and they started enjoying the app immediately.
  • Longevity: Long. Almost no one wanted to uninstall it after understanding what this app did.
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