YouRoam Free Call Text Roaming - Featured Android App

YouRoam Free Call Text Roaming - Featured Android App


You'd expect science to be able to solve some of our problems so far, and one of the problems encountered by many people is making calls when roaming, i.e. when abroad. The problem with roaming is money, of course. Any and all carriers charge huge amounts of money to anyone making or receiving calls when abroad and the IP based solutions such as Tango or Skype are usually too complicated and cumbersome for anyone to use on his or her smartphone (just try to teach your grandmother to use one of those ...).

Enter YouRoam, a free calling app to get rid of roaming charges. YouRoam is a mobile application for international travelers that enables users to receive all their calls on their phone number anywhere in the world without paying roaming fees. With YouRoam, users can make and receive unlimited calls to any number in the US and never have to use App to App calling. All calls are routed through a 3G or WiFi data connection, saving users hundreds of dollars in roaming fees..

In essence, YouRoam does 4 things that no one else does:
    1. Calls are to a user's cell phone number and not a username so the other caller doesn't need the YouRoam app to call the YouRoam user.
    2. YouRoam uses Smart caller ID that shows who is calling even if the person isn't in the YouRoam user contact list.
    3. Missed calls are shown even if the phone is off line or turned off.
    4. Data tracking to see how much data was used in WiFi and 3G during the call. 

    In conclusion, YouRoam is one of those apps that really make our smartphone work for us and save us money, and this is what Android App development is all about.

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