The Stupid Test - Featured Android App

The Stupid Test - Featured Android App



There comes a time when we want something smart to deal with, something to really test our intelligence. Flappy Birds and similar games are good and challenging, but sometimes we want to put to the test our minds and our fingers. Smartphones should be used as a learning tool and as a device that should help us develop or cognitive and problem solving abilities, and not just hypnotize us with the latest cat video.

The Stupid Test, despite its name, is here just for this, to help us develop our minds. It currently has 50 levels, with each level being a fiendishly clever riddle to test our minds and make us THINK, which in this day and age of instant gratification when the most important news item is the latest celebrity fashion fad, an app like The Stupid Test which not only exercises or minds, but also reminds us what perseverance and really challenges us is really priceless.

With colorful graphics, simple clear riddles with twisted and clever solutions that compel us to THINK, with 50 levels and more coming with each update, The Stupid Test is a tool for learning and development. Another great use for this well designed app is as entertainment and learning for kids, with age determining how much help the kid needs to solve the riddles. Won't you prefer your kid to spend his time with the smartphone actually learning to think rather than crushing more candy on some familiar zombie-making games?

In conclusion, The Stupid Test's cute and colorful graphics contain clever riddles to test anyone's mind. For the adult and the kid, this app is really something that should be on every smartphone.

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