Speak Drive Text - Featured Android App

Speak Drive Text - Featured Android App


Messing with your smartphone while driving is slowly but surely becoming more and more dangerous. Actually, it was always dangerous but now people are becoming aware of this problem. Enter Speak Drive Text, an Android only app that is designed to take away one of the main driving hazards, receiving and reading SMSs while driving.

Speak Drive Text lets your smartphone read aloud incoming SMS, when you give the command "Read Message". This means all you have to do is listen for the incoming message sound, say aloud "Read Message" and your message will be read aloud to you by your smartphone. This app has many configurations options, such as making the app read aloud any incoming message or disabling this fuction all together.

The full paid version of Speak Drive Text really has the compete range of functions needed in order to stay in touch while still driving safely. The full version also has the option of composing messages by voice and a lot more configurations options, not to mention a complete lack of ads ...

In conclusion, Speak Drive Text has a number of features that make it a lot better than its competitors, which makes it worth downloading and checking out. Just remember to configure it before use and say "Read Message" to hear your messages.

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