SpareCash by Dale Scott Marion - Android App Review

SpareCash by Dale Scott Marion - Android App Review

SpareCash by Dale Scott Marion - Android App Review. Virtual or Augmented reality were all the buzz a few years ago but slowly the buzz had seemed to drop a little, with Google Glass being a step in the right direction but not quite making it. Introduce SpareCash, an augmented reality app that really works, is really original and what's more interesting, is really fun.

So, what exactly is the SpareCash app? Put in simple words, SpareCash is all about searching, finding and collecting money markers of different value and converting them into real cash.

Too good to be true? Just walking around to earn money?

What we did is, make some of our reviewers download the app, stay informed with the app developer's website and facebook page where the markers were being dropped and presto, sent them right into the action.

The first thing all our reviewers reported was that this app was extremely fun. Taking android apps and gaming away from inside the home and going out WITH your smartphone and apps has a fun all of its own, just like using Waze to navigate. In a sense, you're using your mind, smartphone and apps to hack reality.

Our people loved this app. Using the radar to locate the general direction of the markers and then closing in them, triangulating and finally collecting them was fun in itself. Some liked the in city marker chases while others preferred the outdoors. Each to its own.

And payments, you ask? What about the payments? Well, to our surprise, there wasn't any hitch we heard about. All the markers were paid fair and square with the payments arriving within one day into our reviewers' paypal accounts.

Our reviewers also gave several suggestions to make marker hunting more efficient. First and foremost, gather as much information as possible. The app's developers and announcing over the web (at their facebook page) where and when they are dropping markers. Pay attention to those announcements AND do not forget to keep the maps they post with the markers. Start looking for the markers in the most populated areas according to the posted maps and even make yourself a plan how to go over the terrain to pick up the most markers possible.

Next, pay attention to your radar. Plan your route according to the markers detected by your app's radar and don't let yourself be distracted. Since you are given a long range marker sensor, use it to good effect.

Last but certainly not least is the marker value. There are one dollar makers and there are five hundred dollar markers. Don't let yourself be distracted by the lower value markers. If you manage to pick up a large value marker, go after it before others pick it up.

So, what are the app's disadvantages? We didn't really found any. There were almost no bugs or technical glitches worth mentioning. Our reviewers did suggest that the makers of the app create a version for kids, with different kinds of markers (not money!) but that's for another update or version of the app.

Our conclusion is that SpareCash is a really ground breaking app, offering a unique and very engaging experience. Some of our reviewers reported they just used it to enhance their walks and physical activity while others went out to hunt makers with friends, creating a whole new experience and communal game.

  • Score: 5.0. Original and exciting and pays real money!
  • Description: Augmented reality app that makes the user hunt makers to get real money.
  • Good Points: Very professional and slick design. Augmented reality. Works in many locations. Pays real money!
  • Bad Points: None, really. Hoping for a kids version ... 
  • Experience: Working with the app was very easy, after login to your Facebook account. Markers are paid in one day and the app is engaging enough and works in urban and nature grounds.
  • Longevity: Very good. People select the type of game they want, if it's wild hunt in the nature, urban races or just tame walks in the city with the added bonus of marker hunt.
  • Google Play Link - SpareCash by Dale Scott Marion - Android App Review
  • Google Play Score: 4.7


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