REMINISCE LOCK SCREEN PHOTOS - Android App Review. There is a big secret out there, a terrible secret everyone knows but no one dares to admit. We have TOO MANY PICTURES! Everyone has a smartphone these days, and takes pics of his or her spouse, the kids, the grand-kids, ducks in a pond, interesting cloud formations, beautiful architecture and cats (of course!). So what's the end result? We have so many pics we don't know what to do with!

Yeah sure, once in a while we go through several of our pics. Once in a great while we even change the homepage background pics. But the VAST MAJORITY of our pics just stay there, unused, unopened, unlooked at. In other words, we don't get to enjoy those pics we invested so much time taking. This is a universal truth, sad as it is.  

So, here came Reve Technlogies with a novel idea. With their Reminisce App, they would display photos directly on our lock screen. Simple, isn't it? But does it work and did our reviewers like it?

Our reviewers were more than happy to try out Reminisce and their reports came in fairly quickly.

Sometimes apps have ridiculously long or complicated setup and installing procedures but Reminisce's was easy and simple. Just downloading it, setting up the gallery, Instagram and Facebook as picture sources and that's it. We're ready to go.

The real interesting thing came next over a period of several days or weeks. We started getting reports from more and more of our reviewers that not only they loved the app, but it also reminded them of events long past and things that happened long ago as Reminisce displayed old photos taken years ago. Most of our reviewers were really happy with that, seeing their old photos and remembering things from the past. Which is really what Reminisce is all about.

Now, our reviewers did have several suggestions to make, tips to make working with Reminisce better. First and foremost is a suggestion to make a quick pass through your picture sources and clean out those you don't really want to appear on your lockscreen, if its a funny selfie with a strange face or a really saucy thong bikini from your days tanning topless at the beach. 

The second tip is to be ready for some trips down memory lane, because all of our reviewers assured us this WILL happen when pictures from years ago would start appearing. This was the most fun and exciting thing about Reminisce. 

Our conclusion is that Reminisce is a GREAT idea that should have been implemented years ago and it is the single thing that really lets you use and preview your old photos and history in a fun and simple way.

We have inside information that Picasa will be added as a photo source in an update that will go online in a week or so, making this app even better.

  • Score: 4.7. It would get a perfect 5.0 in the near future when passwords, face recognition and biometric functions are added in the future updates.
  • Description: A lock screen app that displays pictures from three selectable picture sources, facebook, instagram and your smartphone's own picture gallery.
  • Good Points: Great idea. Very simple interface. Very stable with almost no hitches..
  • Bad Points: We would have liked to have more picture sources such as cloud picture gallery and the ability to select specific folders to be displayed although Picasa will be added in the near future as a photo source.
  • Experience: Our reviewers had no problem installing and running Reminisce, and they started enjoying the app immediately.
  • Longevity: Long. Almost no one wanted to uninstall it after understanding what this app did.
  • Google Play Link  
  • Google Play Score: 5.0


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