Passbook For Android by PassbeeMedia - Featured Android App

Passbook For Android by PassbeeMedia - Featured Android App


Coupons are a great because they serve two functions. The first and arguably the most important is the obvious one, i.e. giving discounts. Everyone loves paying less, even the wealthy, and coupons are a great way to save some of our hard earned money. The other function coupons serve is to make customers become aware of a service or product being offered, and this is important both to customers and businesses for obvious reasons.
 Passbook by PassbeeMedia is a very interesting coupon collection and managing app because of several reasons. The first is the way that coupon collection and storing becomes so easy with this app. Another reason is its location based alert which makes the user aware of a coupon being offered for the restaurant down the street just when the user passes nearby. This function, for instance offered by a store, can save a lot of money for a user. Yet another feature is time based alert, which makes the user of the app aware of a coupon whose expiration time approaches. Needless to say, this saves a lot of money and heartbreak, as users would be able to prevent their coupons becoming useless over time.

 In conclusion, Passbook is part of the best types of Android apps for the smartphone, apps that help you save money. Coupled with a beautiful user interface and an ever increasing number of businesses that offer PassbeeMedia coupons, our considered opinion is that Passbook For Android is a must have for any smartphone user.

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