Passbook for Android by PassbeeMedia - Android App Review

Passbook for Android by PassbeeMedia - Android App Review

Passbook for Android by PassbeeMedia - Android App Review. Everyone uses and loves coupons, which is something you'd think only little old ladies would use. But research and real life experience shows that EVERYONE loves coupons, even the wealthy. Coupons serve two purposes. First and foremost, they offer discounts and special offers and everyone, ESPECIALLY the wealthy, love to pay less for the things they want. The second thing coupons offer is notifications of services and products. The very existence of a coupon for some product or service helps tremendously in promoting that product or service, which makes the discount negligible for the business offering the coupon, because of the added business.

But for us simple customers, it helps us learn of that this movie is now out, that the restaurant around the corner now offers a hot new Mexican meal and the summer fashion collection is now out. So, here comes Passbook, a coupon collection and managing app from PassbeeMedia.   
Does it work? Is coupon collection with Passbook worth it? Are there enough coupons to be collected by Passbook?

We mobilized our small army of reviewers and made them install and start using Passbook. Their reports started pouring in quite fast and we received quite a comprehensive idea of what is Passbook and what it is good for.

Passbook is an app for collecting and storing coupons that are created using PassbeeMedia. The coupons our reviewers collected were coupons for movies, restaurants, events, clothes stores, gadgets and cellular and much more.

There were several things our reviewers liked about Passbook. First and foremost, the app manages the coupons and pops out a location based notification whenever you are close to a place offering a discount coupon. Of course, this is quite a nifty feature because it tells you a service or a product exists close to your location and it helps you take advantage of the coupon offered.

Another feature our reviewers liked was time based notifications. Some coupons were time restricted or constrained, such as movies or events. The Passbook app will notify you that the time limits for some coupons approaches and will let you take advantage of these coupons. This is quite a valuable feature because it prevents you from storing coupons that will become valueless when their expiration arrives before you had a chance to use them.

Our reviewers also pointed out that collecting and storing coupons was also very easy and effortless, either using the app's button or the QR enabled camera. Managing, reviewing and collecting the coupons was easy and painless even for our less tech savvy reviewers, which would greatly help those people take advantage of these coupons.

It should be mentioned that our reviewers as a whole liked the design and the user interface of the app, which was well built, easy to use and very pleasant. It is quite apparent some serious effort has gone into the app's design.

Last and not least is the coupons' range. Does the app offer a large selection of coupons to be used? The answer is a pleasant yes. Our reviewers reported collecting and using coupons of all types, from movies to events to clothes to pet food to restaurants and the range and offering of these coupons keep growing all the time.

Our conclusion is that Passbook is the kind of app we like the most, because it uses our android smartphone to make our life better and pay less money for the things we need, which is always a great thing, especially as it is done by a lovely new app.

  • Score: 4.5. It would be a perfect 5.0 when EVERY business would offer PassbeeMedia coupons, which at the rate it is growing should happen in a few months.
  • Description: A coupon collection and managing app with time and location based alerts.
  • Good Points: Great design. Easy to use. Location and time based alerts for coupons.
  • Bad Points: As a brand new app, the selection of coupons is still not as wide as it should be, but we expect the selection to grow enormously in just a few months.
  • Experience: Our reviewers had no problem installing and running Passbook. Every reviewers found the coupons that appealed to him or her.
  • Longevity: Excellent. No one would uninstall an app that alerts them for new deals and lets them take advantage of them.
  • Google Play Link 
  • Google Play Score: 3.8


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