Funny Animals - Android App Review

Funny Animals - Android App Review

Funny Animals - Android App Review. Our pride and joy, our hope for the future and the source of our current despair. Our children. Smarter than us, inquisitive, and with an attention span the length of a whole microbe, children can and will drive us crazy. So it is with great joy we bring you this review of Funny Animals.

Every parent to a kid aged over one, and sometimes even younger, knows that kids love smartphones. They love to touch and scroll and experiment and they delight with the sounds and the movies on the smartphones. So, naturally, if you're going to let them play with a smartphone, why not use it to advance basic and vital skills?

Funny Animals tries to do just that. This android app tries to use the children's curiosity and love of animals to teach and advance basic and vital skills. But, does it do a good job?

We gave our reviewers who are blessed with kids this app and told them to test it on their little ones. This review is a little different because our reviewers were only the watchers and the true reviewers were their children.

So how did the kids react? Our reviewers all said that their kids loved this app. Even kids who don't normally stay in one place loved this app so much they sat and played with it as much as they were allowed to. The reviewers reported that their kids, even those who didn't vocalize much before, now started uttering the sounds the animals make and those kids who were on the verge of speaking started saying the animals' names.

The app has three modes of operation. The first one and the most basic is touching an animal, watching a small animation of it and listening to the typical sound it makes. The second mode is when the app asks the kid where's the animal, and the child has to touch it on the screen. The last and most difficult was the puzzle mode, where you get pieces of animal scenes puzzles and the child must construct the whole image.

Our reviewers reported that most if not all kids loved the app, at different ages they loved different things. Younger kids (aged 1 - 2) loved the first mode, where you touch an animal to hear the sound it utters. Older kids (aged 2 - 3) loved the second mode, where the app asks you where an animal is and the kid has to find and touch in on the screen and the oldest kids (3 +) loved the puzzles.

The overwhelming majority of parents reported the kids were over joyed with this app, which was cute and cuddly and did not have rapid scene changes like many kids' TV programs have, which have already been said to have an adverse effect on kids. This app, in sharp contrast, has a very relaxed, slow and calm nature to it, which is something parents loved to have their kids interact with. 

Our reviewers found varied uses for the app, every one according to his own parenting method. Some just gave the app to kids to learn and improve their skills, a half our or so every day. Others used it on trips or on doctor visits, i.e. when the kids must be occupied for some time and stay put. Still others used it as bonus and prize for good behavior. Other parents used it to help brothers and sisters interact, the older helping and educating the younger.

Our conclusion is that Funny Animals is a great android app, and comes to help us with our most difficult and important task ever, raising our kids.

  • Score: 5.0. A very helpful app to occupy our kids and help them develop basic skills.
  • Description: An app that helps kids develop basic skills by using three game modes with cute and cuddly animals.
  • Good Points: Very cute and cuddly design and animation. Three game modes for kids of different ages.
  • Bad Points: Just having to make sure the right kid plays the right mode, or it will get frustrating for him or her.
  • Experience: Our reviewers reported that kids learn to use and operate the app very quickly and soon became so good at it no parental help was necessary.
  • Longevity: Excellent. Kids could play with it for hours, though we do recommend limiting their daily smartphone interaction and providing additional activity outside the smartphone ...
  • Google Play Link - Funny Animals - Android App Review
  • Google Play Score: 4.0


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