Fly Balloon, Fly by PopSoda Digital Commerce - Android App Review

Fly Balloon, Fly! by PopSoda Digital Commerce - Android App Review

Fly Balloon, Fly! by PopSoda Digital Commerce - Android App Review. There is a reason games like Flappy Bird and Angry Birds were so successful. Actually, there were several reasons. Smartphones are there not only to provide communications and Internet access but for fun, and fun comes in several flavors. There is sophisticated fun, playing sophisticated games. There is the thinking fun, like the one we experience when playing word puzzles. And last but certainly not least, there is the simple yet addictive fun.

Enter Fly Ballon, Fly!, a new game by PopSoda digital commerce. On the surface, it's quite a simple game in which the player controls the up and down motions of a balloon in order to avoid getting impaled on horizontal sharp swords and traverse diverse terrains and background.  

The question that begs to be asked is this: Is Fly Ballon, Fly! as good and as addictive as the older and more famous games such as Flappy Birds and Angry Birds?

Our reviewers were more than happy to try their hands at a successor for Angry Birds and Flappy Bird so all we had to do was lean back and wait for their reports.

The first positive feedback came almost immediately. In sharp contrast to many other apps and games, Fly Balloon, Fly! does not require and special permissions from the Android operating system, putting those paranoids among us to rest (And as a side comment, it is always a smart thing to check what permissions an app wants, and rethink installing an app that seems to want too many permission than it really needs!).

The game play itself, according to most of our reviewers, is simple yet strangely fun. The player cannot really do anything more than allow the balloon to rise up or deflate its hot air to let it descend. However, this simplicity is deceiving since you have to develop both a keen eye to hand coordination and a clever strategy to make it past the first level and the menacing sharp swords that rise from the ground AND descend from the skies.

When letting your balloon rise, you have to calculate how long to let it rise, less it is impaled by the upper swords. You have to start letting your hot air escape and let your balloon start descending even when rising, calculating precisely where you're going to be in a moment to escape both the lower and upper swords. Later on, when hail and other balloons also appear, the game becomes even more complicated.

Our reviewers also lauded the simple yet handsomely implemented graphical user interface, reminding us of old fashioned cartoons, cute and attractive. The backgrounds and terrains are also very appealing and ad another level of attractiveness to this game. Did we mention that on later levels, the swords become lightsabers and not mere metal swords?

Our conclusion is that Fly Balloon, Fly! is a very attractive and addictive game, with cute and well executed graphics (thought not TOO slick!) which requires skill, thought and expansive mind to solve well. Perfect for the occasional break or for extended play, this game is certainly one of the games most of our reviewers liked the best. 

As a side note, we should say that this is NOT an easy game, so be prepared to be challenged!

  • Score: 4.5. An addictive game, suitable for any dull moment and a real challenge to most gamers.
  • Description: A social network platform based around chatting in chat room with a lot of exciting features thrown in.
  • Good Points: Cute graphics. Very nice backgrounds. Addictive game with fun control of the flying balloon.
  • Bad Points: Because of its difficulty, very young kinds (under 5, in our experience) would not play it for long.
  • Experience: Our reviewers had no problem installing and running Fly Balloon, Fly! Understanding the game mechanics was also fairly easy. Mastering it was a different matter ...
  • Longevity: Long. A perfect pastime for breaks and dull moments.
  • Google Play Link  
  • Google Play Score: 4.6


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