Emoji - Featured Android App

Emoji - Featured Android App


Sometimes the simplest things in life are also the best, and one particular feature on our android smartphones' apps is a special point in case. Chatting apps are amongst the most popular apps on our smartphones, because they help us accomplish that special thing humans crave, which is human contact. But chatting apps provide us with more than just the ability to write each other messages. They allow us to send the most important thing to each other, and that is our emotions. Emoticons are the preferred means to do that and they revolutionized chatting services when they arrived.

Emoji is an app that is designed to help us achieve that special goal, transmitting not only our thoughts but our emotions as well, helping us create a real link over our chatting apps. Emoji contains a huge amount of emoticons, suitable to every mood, feeling and emotion we want to convey. It's operations is very simple, just open it and tap the preferred emoticon whenever your want to insert an emoticon from Emoji to almost any chatting app. Emoji appears on your notification bar and disappears whenever you close down your chatting app and it is no longer needed.
The great thing about Emoji, except its very simple operation, is the great amount of available emoticons. There are over twenty categories of mostly cute emoticons (A reminder: sometimes we need to convey an un-cute emotions, and those un-cute emoticons are very important) and they are also continuously update with more and more emoticons. Of course, being the first to use a new and special emoticon no one else has on his or her chatting app is a reward in itself ....

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